• Calibration on AD7190


    I am evaluation the AD7190 for a weight scale application. Everything works nice, except the calibration. No matter what I do, the calibration does not work. 


    - I am resetting -> works

    - I am setting channel, gain and other parameters…

  • Multiple AD7190 on same SPI

    while using single AD7190 i am able to communicate with IC.

    I want to use multiple AD7190 ADC's on same SPI.

    but due to same DOUT/RDY pin i am not able to understand how to use multiple ADC on same SPI, can you please guide me ?

  • AD7190: Tolerate Overvoltage

    Can the parts tolerate the 60V overvoltage if the input current is limited to
    ~6mA by using a 10kOhm resistor ? Does this have any impact to the specs ? Will
    the aging be faster ? (According to the absolute maximum ratings AIN/Digital
    input current…

  • Data not read from Multiple AD7190 IC's

    Hello Everyone,

           MSP432P401M controller is interfaced with 8 AD7190 Ic's through SPI communication. I am using 3 wire SPI  interface. When I try to communicate with single AD7190 IC's I can successfully read load cell/ strain gauge data. But, when…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7190 Developer Board / No USB Connection


    Apologies. Could you please try running the software in Windows 7 or later compatibility mode? We have not yet guarantee this software on Windows 10. 

    Please see FAQs below.

    AD719x evaluation software Vista and Win 7 compatability - Documents - Precision…

  • AD7190 and oscillation issues (SR#: 1238093)

    When the overvoltage is negative, the output conversions oscillate from
    000000hex to FFFFFF hex. But when
    the overvoltage is positive, no oscillations occurs.   


    Reasons and work-around:

    The overvolat is exceeded and is negative,…
  • AD7190 default register not read

    Hello Everyone,

      I am trying to communicate between AD7190 and MSP432P401M controller through SPI communication. My issue is I can't read default register value from AD7190.
    I have attached circuit diagram and code for your reference.

    The connections…

  • AD7190 ADC hangs and does not work until power-on reset

    Dear analog Community,


    We are using AD7190 ADC IC in our precision product  and but now we are facing the problems as follows

    1) ADC in continuous read mode hangs randomly after 1 day or after few hours of  time

    2) When it hangs we will get values either…

  • AD7190 :unable to read load cell data


         I have to read load cell data which is connecting with the ad7190 IC. I can successfully read all default register value.We have done following settings in code is as follows:-

    1) Write in configuration register

    -Chop Off

    -REFSEL is 0(External…

  • Offset & full-scale registers of AD7190

    I use an AD7190 in a Gaschromatograph and I am satisfied with this converter.
    Now I want to know something special: can you describe how offset register and
    full-scale register work together? maybe there is a formula.


    Please have a look at the…