• RE: basic qurestion about AD7190


    "The AD7190 gives the user access to the on-chip calibration registers, allowing the microprocessor to read the calibration coefficients of the device and also to write its own calibration coefficients from prestored values in the EEPROM."…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7190 window version

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry to say this but the software doesnt work in compatibility mode either. Hence, we have mentioned it on website.

    Right now there is no way to run the software on windows 10. We are working on this issue. You could try using NO-OS drivers…

  • AD7190

    We are having some product issues with the AD7190.

    If we don’t respond to the RDY# flag for a period of time then come back to reading the ADC we sometimes get a problem.

    To try and work out why it seems to deviate from the expected operation we read…

  • AD7190 problems

    Hi, I find two problem for using AD7190.

    1. When I use differential mode to measure a 1.5V AA battery, why i get 1.3V??  The pseudo differential is correct for 1.5V. 

    2. When there are input on Ain1 AIN2, the reading of temperature  sensor will be unstable…

  • AD7190

    Hi all,


    I am designing a precision industrial weight indicator by AD7190, what is the pros and cons of supplying digital part of the system with 3.3v versus 5v, power consumption is not important while reliability and noise have high priority.


  • AD7190: FAQs

    I need an help to configure an AD7190 to sample channel (+)AIN1 (-)AINCOM.
    I try to set the the configuration register to work with this channel, but when
    i read the conversion, the status register report a wrong value (0x05).
    This is the initialization…

  • AD7190 problems


         we have planed for using the AD7190 ADC  for weighing. while testing we have face some problems. we are choosing 100/200hz data rate,gain=8,sinc4 filter. we are using SPI of  PIC16F877A microcontroller.

    We have done the following settings in our…

  • EVAL-AD7190 export data

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    We would like to evaluate to EVAL-AD7190 load cell application and extract all measurement data

    AD7190Eval_software has the export option. However, software only able to export the ADC count. We would like to export the data with user…