• AD7190: Data bits are not stable.

       I am using AD7190 ADC IC which is interface with MSP430FR6922 controller through SPI communication to read Load cell data.
    My settings are as follows:-
    1)  external crystal is used
    2)  SINC4 (At higher output data rates (FS values less than…
  • AD7190采样速率问题




  • Calibration on AD7190


    I am evaluation the AD7190 for a weight scale application. Everything works nice, except the calibration. No matter what I do, the calibration does not work. 


    - I am resetting -> works

    - I am setting channel, gain and other parameters…

  • Multiple AD7190 on same SPI

    while using single AD7190 i am able to communicate with IC.

    I want to use multiple AD7190 ADC's on same SPI.

    but due to same DOUT/RDY pin i am not able to understand how to use multiple ADC on same SPI, can you please guide me ?

  • AD7190: Tolerate Overvoltage

    Can the parts tolerate the 60V overvoltage if the input current is limited to
    ~6mA by using a 10kOhm resistor ? Does this have any impact to the specs ? Will
    the aging be faster ? (According to the absolute maximum ratings AIN/Digital
    input current…

  • Data not read from Multiple AD7190 IC's

    Hello Everyone,

           MSP432P401M controller is interfaced with 8 AD7190 Ic's through SPI communication. I am using 3 wire SPI  interface. When I try to communicate with single AD7190 IC's I can successfully read load cell/ strain gauge data. But, when…

  • RE: EVAL-AD7190 Developer Board / No USB Connection


    Apologies. Could you please try running the software in Windows 7 or later compatibility mode? We have not yet guarantee this software on Windows 10. 

    Please see FAQs below.

    AD719x evaluation software Vista and Win 7 compatability - Documents - Precision…

  • AD7190 and oscillation issues (SR#: 1238093)

    When the overvoltage is negative, the output conversions oscillate from
    000000hex to FFFFFF hex. But when
    the overvoltage is positive, no oscillations occurs.   


    Reasons and work-around:

    The overvolat is exceeded and is negative,…
  • AD7190 default register not read

    Hello Everyone,

      I am trying to communicate between AD7190 and MSP432P401M controller through SPI communication. My issue is I can't read default register value from AD7190.
    I have attached circuit diagram and code for your reference.

    The connections…

  • Offset & full-scale registers of AD7190

    I use an AD7190 in a Gaschromatograph and I am satisfied with this converter.
    Now I want to know something special: can you describe how offset register and
    full-scale register work together? maybe there is a formula.


    Please have a look at the…