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  • Unable to Interface AD7177-2 with TM4C129

    Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

    Experience Level: Beginner

    Trying to establish communication between ADC and  controller via SPI. 

    Data sheet of the ADC - https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD7177-2.pdf

    As per the data…

  • AD7177-2 Continuous Conversion Mode Issues

    I'm having issues with the continuous conversion mode in my AD7177. In order to have it start a conversion, I need to pulse my SYNC pin. ... then to get another conversion, I need to pulse the SYNC pin again. I feel like this is wrong because it seems…

  • Inconsistent register values from AD7177-2

    I'm trying to interface my AD 7177-2 with TM4C129. As of now, I'm trying to read the data register in 24 bit mode(default). I read the data register values somewhat consistently. I'm facing a strange issue when trying to read all other registers together…

  • Reading only 16 bit values from AD7177-2.

    I'm interfacing my ADC(AD7177-2 with TM4C129). I've successfully established communication between both the devices(I read ID register - 0x4FDE).

    My algorithm is as follows:

    1) Configure SPI communication in 16 bit, Mode-3

    2) Configured GPIO interrupt…

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  • Questions about AD7177-2 sample rate

    My project need measure 12 channels signal,I use 3 AD7177-2,and 4 channels for each AD7177-2. These 3 AD7177-2 share a same 16Mhz clock,share a SPI BUS, and CS signals connect different GPIOs. I configure AD7177-2 to 200Hz sample rate, thus 50Hz for each ch…

  • RE: AD7177-2 data capture

    Hi Jellenie

    I have forced /CS low but same issue of no data. Is there a register that needs setting?

    I have noticed in the datasheet the following on page 27

    AD7177-2, the internal reference is enabled by default and is
    output on the REFOUT pin. When…