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  • 关于AD7177-2的单端电压采集问题


  • AD7177-2 REF(-) usage


    I understand VREF=REF(+)-REF(-)

    But, I'm NOT sure how REF(-) is used.

    So, would you teach if my setting works correctly for AD7177-2 below.

    ADD1=AVDD2=IOVDD=REF(+)=2.5V, AVSS=REF(-)=-2.5V and analog input range: ±2.5V/gain

  • AD7177-2 PCB Layout Recommendation

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on my first mixed-signal pcb project. I will be using the ADXL354 as my sensor and the AD7177-2 as my ADC. I plan to use separate ground planes for my digital and analog circuits.

    Based on this article (https://www…

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  • AD7177-2 different data rates for different channels


    I want to read data from two inputs (AIN0 and AIN2). AIN0 is a very low frequency signal, and AIN2 has a notably higher frequency. I'd like to use two different data rates to achieve the highest possible accuracy on AIN0 (5 SPS), while still honouring…

  • AD7177-2模拟输入问题


  • AD7177-2模拟输入问题


  • RE: AD7177-2, How can I get the real value of my REF voltage ?

     if I do not perform offset calibration(Internal offset calibration), the output value is close to  2.496149 V maybe 2.497xxxV.

    This equation is the only equation I found on the AD7177-2 datasheet Page40. And I don't know the standard equation.