• AD7177-2, Missing conversions


    I'm having a particularly weird issue where I'm not receiving half of the converted values. When streaming conversions, I will receive three (seemingly) consecutive conversions, and then three or four conversions disappear, and then I'll get…

  • CRC polynomial in AD7177-2


    I have some difficulties with CRC in AD7177. 
    In datashit (AD7177-2 datasheet page 42) it is said that an 8-bit polynomial is used.
    But then, in the description, I see the polynomial x^8+x^2+x+1 with the highest power - 8.
    Accordingly, the polynomial…
  • Spurious frequency in AD7177-2


    I'm using the high performance AD7177-2 adc in the evaluation board EVAL-AD7177-2SDZ because we need to achieve the highest possible resolution (in terms of dynamic range). I'm evaluating the rms noise when the inputs are shortcut (or shorted…

  • Questions about AD7177-2 sample rate

    My project need measure 12 channels signal,I use 3 AD7177-2,and 4 channels for each AD7177-2. These 3 AD7177-2 share a same 16Mhz clock,share a SPI BUS, and CS signals connect different GPIOs. I configure AD7177-2 to 200Hz sample rate, thus 50Hz for each ch…

  • ad7177-2开发板硬件文件问题

    因为想用一下ad7177-2,下载了ad7177-2开发板硬件文件 EVAL-AD7177-2SDZ-Hardware-RevE.zip,解压缩后打不开,请问它们是什么文件格式?谢谢了

  • RE: ad7177-2  32位ADC转换


    34401A测试电压为1.26098V    Ad7177-2测试电压为1.25996V    这个AD7177-2怎么校准呢?

  • AD7177-2 low-frequency noise

    I'm presently evaluating the AD7177-2 for an extremely demanding application. It seems to have superb noise performance, compared to any other commercial ADCs, as illustrated in Fig. 2 here:


  • AD7177-2, unstable channel registers


    Does the chip sometimes alter channels without user intervention? I've written SPI code that will set the ADC mode and CH0 to certain values. When I read from the ID and ADC mode registers, everything is fine ... but when I read from the CH0 register…

  • AD7177-2 incorrect data rate


    I am using AD7177-2 at a maximum 10,000 sps data rate in continuous conversion mode, single channel, using external 16MHz clock. Conversion end is checked with RDY output. With the Sinc3 filter enabled each conversion takes 1600 clock ticks resulting…

  • AD7177-2 evm问题