• AD7176-2: Channel Scan Rate

    The AD7176-2 has a maximum output data rate of 250 kSPS but a channel scan rate
    of 50 kSPS/channel. What does this mean?


    When operating on a single channel the AD7176-2 can output data at up to 250
    However, when more than one channel…

  • AD7176-2 Settle in a Single Cycle

    Can the ADC be configured to settle in a single cycle?


    Yes, setting the SING_CYC bit will allow this. It should be noted that the
    Sinc5+Sinc1 filter will settle in a single cycle at output data rates of 10
    kSPS and lower regardless of whether…

  • AD7176-2 THD performance

    Hi ADI,

    I'm using AD7176-2 to develop audio analyzer and analyze single-end signal THD. It is weird if I exchange the channel register setup of positive/negative, then I will get different THD performance (by Matlab FFT). 

    And THD performance of signal_negative…

  • RE: How to change AD7176-2 sinc3 filter notch frequency?


    I'm sorry what register do you mean? ODR is set using FILTCON register (0x28-0x2B) and this is a 16 bit register only. Unless you meant write 0x0060 to 0x28 or write 0x8060 to 0x28 but not sure if you written that correctly.

    To set sinc3 filter…

  • AD7176: Filter Options

    There are a number of filter options.  Which one should I use?


    The AD7176-2 has three filter options: Sinc5+Sinc1, Sinc3 and enhanced 50 & 60
    Hz filters. The Sinc5+Sinc1 is most suited to multichannel applications where
    fast multiplexing is…

  • 关于AD7176-2的使用问题

    最近在使用AD7176-2芯片。遇到了毕竟繁琐的问题。 系统要求在20bit的时候误差小于176个字。 但在使用AD7176-2  SPI(2M) 采样率2.5Ksps的时候  误差达到了(500-1000)误差,这个是未经过滤波的情况,在经过:滑动滤波+去极值+平均值+滑动滤波 误差仍然有200-300个字的误差  并且数据呈现递增的变化趋势。  采用100SPS采样,其他条件不变的情况下。 不进行软件滤波有500字的跳动,经过软件滤波有100-150内的跳动。  但是系统要求 需要有10HZ的输出速率…

  • AD7176 power sqeucing requirements

    There are various supply requirements for the AD7176. The user guide UG-478 U3,
    uses ADM1185ARMZ-1, a Quad voltage monitor and sequencer. It appears power
    sequencing is required, can ADI please confirm or comment


    The AD7176-2 does not…
  • What is the relationship between -3dB bandwidth and output data rate of AD7176-2 ?

    Dear sir,

           What is the relationship between -3dB bandwidth and output data rate of AD7176-2  ?  No data on -3DB bandwidth is given in the datasheet.

  • 精度ADC。关于AD7176-2的使用问题

    hi   最近在使用AD7176-2的时候遇到了一个问题,  我的采集器输出的差分电压信号,输出范围±5V(实际上有效区域是±4.5V)。 现在传感器的输出直接进入到了ADC的前端(增加了电阻和电容) 传感器的输出阻抗是10K,输出电容是20nF。,现在采集到的传感器的噪声字有1000个字。(传感器输出的噪声是0.056uV/HZ^0.5)  在实验的过程中 尝试了加一个射随电路(2个通道一边一个), 有一些改进。  想请问下 有没有针对这种情形下的 差分放大器,(只需要单位增益即可…