• Question about AD7176-2 THD performance 

    Hi ADI,

    I short  EVB AD7176-2 input pin with GND to get ENOB=19.8bit, according to MT-003, SINAD = 6.02*ENOB+1.76dB = 120dB.

    And CN0310 shows AD7176-2 can measure SINAD 99.9dB.

    I use APx515 to transmit pure 1kHz sinewave to test AD7176-2 RX quality…

  • AD7176-2 Data read errors

    I have the AD7176-2 Eval board and I'm getting frequent errors when reading data. About 1 out of every 200-500 data points is wrong. I have the input set at 0 V which is mid-scale, so the output is normally around 8,500,000. The bad points are way off…

  • Trouble with AD7176-2

    Hi All,

    I just obtained the A7176-2 ADC.  I have exhaustively read through the data sheet, quick start guide, and looked at the examples at least twice each and I seem to be doing everything correct, but my DOUT is still incorrect. 

    First I want to say…

  • 求AD7176-2典型电路图


  • AD7176-2 Digital Filter / sinc5 + sinc1

    Hi, concerning the AD7176-2 Digital Filters I run into the spreadsheet AD7176_2_filter_model.xls provided by Analog Devices.

    The spreadsheet results always varied from my understanding of a sinc5 + sinc1 filter.

    The equation showed that the sinc5 +…

  • AD7176-2 has unknown noise in sample data.

    Hi ADI,

    I got EVAL-AD7176-2SDZ (Rev-A), and I use it to test audio signal.

    I use AD7176-2 to sample a pure 12.5 kHz 0.1 Vrms sine wave, and sample rate is 125kHz.

    But there is a stable low frequency noise as below picture, so it make the wave envelope…

  • AD7176-2 REFOUT while using an external reference


    I am designing a board to read +-10V signals using the AD7176-2. I want to drive it by a AD8475 as on page 24, but to be able to use a single 5V supply, I will use an ADR444 supplying 4.096V as an external reference.

    Now I am unsure about the state…

  • Can AD8476 be used to drive ad7176-2(24-bit ,250ksps) adc?

    I want to use AD8476 as a single ended to differential convereter. Converted differential signal will be read by using ad7176-2 which is 24 bit adc.AD8476 datasheet says that it is suited for driving 18-bit converters up to 4 MSPS. Can I use it to drive…

  • AD7176-2 sampling rate mismatch in Cont. Read Mode

    Dear all,

    I analysed the data coming from 2 AD7176-2 EVBs and have questions regarding the stated sampling rate.

    In cont. read mode, 4 channels, default filter (sinc5+1), I measure DOUT/RDY timing (with Logic 1.1.15)

    Reg setting        Measurements-->

  • 关于AD7176-2的使用问题

    最近在使用AD7176-2芯片。遇到了毕竟繁琐的问题。 系统要求在20bit的时候误差小于176个字。 但在使用AD7176-2  SPI(2M) 采样率2.5Ksps的时候  误差达到了(500-1000)误差,这个是未经过滤波的情况,在经过:滑动滤波+去极值+平均值+滑动滤波 误差仍然有200-300个字的误差  并且数据呈现递增的变化趋势。  采用100SPS采样,其他条件不变的情况下。 不进行软件滤波有500字的跳动,经过软件滤波有100-150内的跳动。  但是系统要求 需要有10HZ的输出速率…