• AD7176-2

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    I have planned to use AD7176-2 ADC in our project to read thermocouple, thermistor, RTD , Voltage , Current and strain gauge sensors. I am finding it hard to fix what is the conversion time and settling time.


    I will be using one channel…

  • I problem in reading the register AD7176-2

    I am using ADC AD7176-2 with PIC18f.

    But i don't know how to read any register from AD7176-2.

    Can any one tell me the flow of commands to be send to AD7176-2 to read reg.  or code samples?

  • AD7176-2 : XTAL1 pin


    I have a question about the XTAL1 pin of AD7176-2.

    I will use the internal clock of AD7176-2.

    And, I do not use the clock output from AD7176-2 to the outside.

    In that case, how should I process an unused XTAL1 pin?

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  • RE: AD7176-2 functionality

    Thank you very much. That answers all my questions.


  • RE: AD7176-2 RDY

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Sorry for late push of answer mark.



  • RE: Trouble with AD7176-2

    Hi Jellenie,

    So after reading what you wrote I first switched sclk's polarity.. I have no idea how I over looked that.  That didn't have an effect though, but when I added some 180ohm terminating resistors to the end of the SPI lines, viola!  It…

  • RE: AD7176-2 and CN0310

    Hi sin,

    Sorry to keep you waiting.

    The x-axis in the graph is a logarithmic scale which means that numbers are not evenly spaced. So, the vertical marks between 1 and 100 are 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, and 90 respectively and the vertical marks between…

  • Input range of AD7176-2

    Hi there, I have a question about AD7176-2.

    I want to use differential input mode with the condition like Vin0=0 to 5V, Vin1=2.5V, Vref=2.5V.

    But I know this is not true differential input.

    So I worried if ADC output code covers the full range .

  • AD7176-2 Calibration Condition


    I want conversion data is not obtained.

    I think due to the external circuit conditions at the calibration

    Because the value of the gain register does not change before

    and after the same calibration.

    Also, in the circuit ,I'm using an external…

  • AD7176-2 reference code

    Hi Experts,

    I want to learn AD7176-2 for high precision applications.

    Can I get the reference code? or some demo code just like UG-478 and CN0310?