• AD7175-8部分模拟输入悬空导致测量不准





  • AD7175-8 : settling time of single conversion mode

    Hello ,

    I have a question from our customer about settling time of AD7175-8.
    The condition is followings,
     - Multiple Channels sampling
     - Number of channels to sample : 8 (Channel0~Channel7)
     - Single Conversion Mode
     - ODR = 125,000 (41.667) -> settling time…

  • Effective noise bandwisth of AD7175-8 and AD7176-2


    I have a question from a customer about effective noise bandwidth of AD7175-8 and AD7176-2.

    In the datasheet for LTC2444, EFFECTIVE NOISE BW is presented in table-8.

    The customer need to know the same parameter to estimete SNR of his system…

  • AD7175-8 : settling time of ADC core in alternate synchronization mode

    Hello ,

    I have a question from our customer as followings.

      Does AD7175-8 have any settling time in Alternate Synchronization Mode ?

    AD7175-8 has a settling time when we use single conversion mode.


  • AD7175-8 : XTAL1 and XTAL2 pins while using internal oscillator


    I have a question about XTALx pins for AD7175-8. 

    When using internal oscillator, is XTAL1 pin should connect to GND ?

    Or, can I left XTAL1 and XTAL2 pins open ?

    Best regards,


  • AD7175-8 : transfer function of the sinc3, snc5+sinc1 filter

    Hello ,

    I have a question about transfer function of AD7175-8 from our customer.

    The customer wants to know the transfer function of

      1) sinc3 filter

      2) sinc5 + sinc1 filter

    Could you please indicate it to me ?

    Best regards,


  • Issue reading the AD7175-8 ID Registers using SPI with SAM4SA16B

    Starting my driver using the code in ad7175_generic.

    I am generating code to communicate to the AD7175-8 ADC using an Atmel SAM4SA16B,
    Cortex M4 core.

    I have the AD7175-8 eval board and have extensively experimented with register
    setting and etc and viewed…

  • RE: SPI Issue reading External ADC - AD7175-8 ID Register, using SAM4SA16B

    I care if a byte is shifted out during write to the communications register BECAUSE it's going to show up in my receive buffer and my read routine needs to discard it.

    With regard to the AD7175-8 ID register contents, what I read on my PCB and see…

  • AD7175-8: May nCS toggle between transaction?

    In the datasheet's Figure 69. Single Conversion Mode The nCS line is kept low during the transactions.

    But is it ok to take nCS high between transactions? Such as:

    1. Pull nCS low
    2. Write 0x01 0x8010 (in one constant sclk rate sequence)
    3. Pull nCS…
  • AD7175-8在SPI读ID的时候遇到问题

    现在在使用AD7175-8这个IC,在SPI读ID的时候遇到问题,按照PDF资料,读出来的数据应该是0xff 0x3c 0xde 一个字节的校验码,为什么我现在读出来的第一个字节和最后一个校验字节一直不对呢?下面是我DEBUG截图。以下为读ID时序波形

         1   MISO CLK

    2  MOSI CLK