• AD7175-8 : number of oversample


    I have a question about number of oversample of AD7175-8 from a customer.
    There is the comment which is the margin note of table-19 in the datasheet, is are following.

    "The settling time is rounded to the nearest microsecond. This is reflected in…

  • AD7175-8 driver usage


    Found given example how to use AD7175-8 driver. But it looks like example describes older version of driver. 

    /* Create a new driver instance */struct ad717x_device my_ad7176_2;struct ad717x_device *ad7176_2_handler = &my_ad7176_2; /* Other…
  • About AD7175-8 input range?

    Dear Sir:

                   I have some confuse of AD7175-8 input range as below:

    I tried to check datasheet of AD7175-8 page 3 to knew AD7175-8 input range is +(-) VREF and VREF range is 1~AVDD1, then datasheet tell us AVDD1 range is 4.5~5.5V , but ratings of input…

  • RE: AD7177-2失调电压问题



    AD7172-2、AD7172-4、AD7173-8、AD7175-2、AD7175-8、AD7176-2、 AD7177-2、AD7124-4和AD7124-8校准

    作者:Jonathan Colao

  • AD7175-8 Multiple Channel Read


    I am still learning how to properly communicate with this ADC with an STM32F4. I cant seem to figure out how to read the channels separately. 

    When i put voltage on AIN0 and read data from chan_1 and chan_2, the 2 channels show the same data.


  • AD7175-8 on Raspberry Pi 3

    Dear All,

    Our project is to incorporate the AD7175-8 digital converter to Raspberry Pi 3.

    We are using the implementation file written in C that we will compile into our Linux-based environment (Raspbian):


  • Effective noise bandwisth of AD7175-8 and AD7176-2


    I have a question from a customer about effective noise bandwidth of AD7175-8 and AD7176-2.

    In the datasheet for LTC2444, EFFECTIVE NOISE BW is presented in table-8.

    The customer need to know the same parameter to estimete SNR of his system…

  • RE: 求推荐一款AD转换芯片?

    推荐AD7172-2 AD7172-4 AD7173-8  AD7175-2AD7193/94

  • RE: SPI Issue reading External ADC - AD7175-8 ID Register, using SAM4SA16B

    I care if a byte is shifted out during write to the communications register BECAUSE it's going to show up in my receive buffer and my read routine needs to discard it.

    With regard to the AD7175-8 ID register contents, what I read on my PCB and see…

  • RE: ADI最新中文资料大汇总(2017年9月)


    本应用笔记将详细讨论AD7172-2、AD7172-4、AD7173-8、 AD7175-2、AD7175-8、AD7176-2、AD7177-2、AD7124-4和 AD7124-8中使用的校准方法。