• EVAL-AD7175-8 PC software error


    My customer is using EVAL-AD7175-8.
    They were consulted that the evaluation board could not be used due to a software error.
    They say they see "ERROR-2147467259" on their PC.
    They also tried it on another PC again, and although it can be used…

  • ad7175-8 通信失败

    大家好 我最近在用ad7175-8 这个ADC 电路焊好后我用stm32 读取芯片ID 数据手册上写ID为0x3CDx 可是为啥我读出来的结果是0x3972 各位大神帮我看看是什么问题呗 不胜感谢

    附件中是原理图  miso波形图 和mosi波形图

    我根据数据手册 向ad7175-8发信息 0x47 之后再给3个周期的sclk时钟 但是读回来的数据不对啊  

  • AD7175-8 Multiple Channel Read


    I am still learning how to properly communicate with this ADC with an STM32F4. I cant seem to figure out how to read the channels separately. 

    When i put voltage on AIN0 and read data from chan_1 and chan_2, the 2 channels show the same data.


  • AD7175-8 ID Register least significant 4 bits


    I would like to confirm the value of the AD7175-8 ID Register value. In the AD7175-8 datasheet, the 16 bit ID is listed as "0x3CDx". There is no mention to what the lowest four bits should be represented by "x". I suspect these may change based…

  • How to confirm external reference is valid on AD7175-8

    I'm planning on using an external reference with the ad7175-8 and I have a system requirement to monitor the reference to ensure the conversions are correct.  I noticed that the crosspoint mux allows for the inputs to be connected to the ±REF pins…

  • -Regarding AD7175-8 input range


     I have a query regarding the input voltage range of AD7175-8. In my first design, I have used AD7739 now I have to replace that with 16 channel ADC, so I choose AD7175-8.

    in AD7739 IC it mentions the input range +625 mV, ±625 mV, +1.25 V, ±1.25…

  • About AD7175-8 input range?

    Dear Sir:

                   I have some confuse of AD7175-8 input range as below:

    I tried to check datasheet of AD7175-8 page 3 to knew AD7175-8 input range is +(-) VREF and VREF range is 1~AVDD1, then datasheet tell us AVDD1 range is 4.5~5.5V , but ratings of input…

  • AD7175-8 driver usage


    Found given example how to use AD7175-8 driver. But it looks like example describes older version of driver. 

    /* Create a new driver instance */struct ad717x_device my_ad7176_2;struct ad717x_device *ad7176_2_handler = &my_ad7176_2; /* Other…
  • AD7175-8 : number of oversample


    I have a question about number of oversample of AD7175-8 from a customer.
    There is the comment which is the margin note of table-19 in the datasheet, is are following.

    "The settling time is rounded to the nearest microsecond. This is reflected in…

  • AD7175-8 on Raspberry Pi 3

    Dear All,

    Our project is to incorporate the AD7175-8 digital converter to Raspberry Pi 3.

    We are using the implementation file written in C that we will compile into our Linux-based environment (Raspbian):