• Can't read id register on AD7175

    I am trying to read the status register on the AD7175-2. It should read 0xCDX but I read 0x40CE as shown below. What am I doing wrong?

  • interfacing EVAL-AD7175-2 with MAX32666FTHR


    I don't know if this is the correct forum to ask this question. Anyway, I want to interface the EVAL-AD7175-2 with a microcontroller particularly the MAX32666FTHR. It seems I was able to understand some of the content in this wiki AD717X No-OS Software…

  • AD7175单通道配置

    请问下,关于AD7175-2的单通道配置问题,手册的意 思没太看明白,请问下,需要怎样给他配置寄存器呢?我之需要其中的一个输入通道作为单通道就可以了,其他的通道我都不用。并且希望是单极性的

  • AD7175-2 GPIO Input -- Logging digital inputs in AD717x Eval+ Software

    On the EVAL-AD7175-2SDZ Evaluation Board, I have been logging the analog input on AIN0, but also need to log GPIO0 as a digital input. 

    In the configuration tab, there is “GPIO AND MUX I/O CONTROL”.  So far, the “GPIO 0 Data” and “GPIO 0 Input…

  • AD7175-2 digital interface check

    Q: I’m not sure if my digital interface is working on AD7175-2  – how can I check this?

    A: The ADC has a read-only ID register which will always read back as 0x0CDx.

  • RE: Second channel of AD7175-2 not converted

    Hi Jellenie,

    Would you please send me the source code how Analog Devices reads the conversion result from AD7175? It would help a lot.



  • AD7175-2 Exit Continuous Read Mode by issuing a dummy read


    We just wanted some clarification on exiting continuous read mode using the AD7175. We would like to know if sending a single 0x44 byte (the read ADC data register command) is sufficient to successfully exit continuous read mode? Writing this…

  • EVAL-AD7175-8 PC software error


    My customer is using EVAL-AD7175-8.
    They were consulted that the evaluation board could not be used due to a software error.
    They say they see "ERROR-2147467259" on their PC.
    They also tried it on another PC again, and although it can be used…

  • Question on how to use AD7175-2 as single-ended input

    I want to make a circuit that can receive +/-30V signals and receive 4ch using one AD7175-2.

    1) Apply +/-30V analog input
    2) Voltage measurement with single-ended 4ch input of AD7175-2

    Can you tell me a circuit that can be used as a reference for composing…