• AD7173-8 Problem reading/writing register

    I am trying to write the 0x10 - 0x17 CH0-7 registers. However something is off when writing the odd registers.

    For example when I write 0x00 0x10 0x80 0x01 and then read 0x00 0x50 0x80 0x01 it is correct.

    But when i try 0x00 0x11 0x80 0x43 then I read…

  • RE: AD7173-8 Decoupling off +/-2V5 supplies


    You can refer to the AD7173-8 Evaluation Board. For analog circuitry it is recommended to decouple to AVSS but for digital it must still be DGND. 



  • Tailoring the AD7173-8 ADC input range

    I would like to take full advantage of the ADC's input range while using the internal buffers.

    I have configured the ADC to run from a single +3.3V supply.

    If the internal buffers are turned on, the absolute analog input range become 0 to 2.2V.

  • Labview source vi's for AD7173-8 eval

    We're looking to take our evaluation to the next step. The eval pc software is a compiled version of a Labview gui.

    A link or attachment to the Labview sources would be appreciated. Thanks. knap

  • AD7173-8 Eval Board information

    Hi guys,

    A customer of mine wants to evaluate the AD7173-8 for a new design.

    They're facing some problems when trying to open the PCB files of the evaluation board AD7173-8SDZ with Altium. Can this be done? Do you have this information for Altium? Do…

  • AD7173-8 Peak to Peak Noise

    Dear sir

    Testing AD7173-8 EVB, two questions think excuse me

    (1) : Set up parameter AIN0-AIN1=0V , Vref=5V,Output Data Rate (ODR) =5sps ,input Buffer =off , Noise Using the Sinc 5 + Sinc Filter ,sample =500, the real AD7173-8 EVB Peak to Peak Noise…

  • AD7173-8 connections for internal reference


    I am designing with a AD7173-8 and I want to use the internal reference.

    I have decoupled the REFOUT pin with a 100n cap as described.

    The data sheet does not say anything about the REF- and REF+ pins when using internal reference.

    Should the…

  • ID register of AD7173-8 is abnormal

    Dear sir

    I have a problem about AD7173-8.

    When i read ID register of AD7173-8,the value of the register is 0x40C5 which is different with doucument.

    And the value i received is same as oscilloscope acquired.

  • RE: AD7173-8 Problem reading/writing register

    Short update: We bought a new IC. And with this new AD7173-8 we have the same problem. So the problem is not a faulty IC. Any ideas?

  • Internal temperature sensor of AD7173-8.


    I have three questions about internal temp. sensor of AD7173-8.

    Q1. Could you give me the equation to translate the code to temperature ?

        I could not find the equation for using internal temperature sensor.

    Q2. Is the "user calibration" for…