• AD7173-8工作一周左右出现问题

    你好工程师,AD7173-8在现场工作一周左右出现读值满量程的问题,不重启的话,读值一直是满量程。4个通道读出来的值都是满量程,使用的通道为AIN9至AIN12单端输入,其他通道悬空。IOVDD 5V供电,AVDD 3.3V供电,内部基准。请问是什么原因造成读值满量程的问题?

  • How to connect analog common of a sensor that have differential ouput signal to AD7173-8?

    I want to connect Kinemetrics Episensor (ES-T) to AD7173-8.

    The differential output signal of Episensor is +/-5V. Then, I think AD7173-8 will need to use split supply ( +2.5V and -2.5V).

    The Episensor have one pin which is 'Analog Common'. How should…

  • AD7173-8读不到ID

    你好,工程师,我最近在用AD7173-8芯片遇到一些问题。问题是这样的,我用单片机和AD7173-8通讯可以读到ID,但是断电重开后就读不到了,然后我换了一个芯片,第一次上电可以读到,但是断电重开就读不到了。AVDD1  AVDD2  IOVDD都是3.3V供电,我的单片机SPI通讯信号高电平是5V。通讯的过程中IOVDD引脚的电压是4.2V,请问是原因造成的。

  • AD7173-8 Decoupling off +/-2V5 supplies

    We have AD7173-8 running off +/-2V5 rails but everything decoupled to GND.

    Is it best to decouple everything to AVSS (-2.5V) as in effect that is the GND for the device??

  • AD7173-8


  • AD7173-8 Floating Pins

    I'm intending to use the AD7173-8 in a design and have several unused pins which I'm wondering how to handle. The pins are as follows below. Please advise. 







  • AD7173-8 Problem reading/writing register

    I am trying to write the 0x10 - 0x17 CH0-7 registers. However something is off when writing the odd registers.

    For example when I write 0x00 0x10 0x80 0x01 and then read 0x00 0x50 0x80 0x01 it is correct.

    But when i try 0x00 0x11 0x80 0x43 then I read…

  • AD7173-8 ID寄存器和手册不对应

    AD7173-8 id寄存器返回值是40C5  但其他功能都是正确的 证明程序应该没问题。网站的新的手册也看了 都是30CX。这个有什么说法或者改动吗?

  • RE: AD7173-8 CONTINUOUS READ MODE and Status Register


    Could anyone please help us the issues ? Actually they evaluate AD8452 with AD7173-8. 

    Regarding Q2, they can breakthrough by themselves setting DOUT_RESET to 1.



  • AD7173-8 gain register default value

    In the AD7173-8 ADC, the default gain value is said to depend on the IC type. In the datasheet, the value is mentioned as 

    Reset: 0x5XXXX0. But I couldn't find the exact value in the datasheet anywhere.

    Thanks for any help