• RE: 求推荐一款AD转换芯片?

    推荐AD7172-2 AD7172-4 AD7173-8  AD7175-2AD7193/94

  • Configuring and using the AD7172-4

    Hi All

    I have been trying to configure and use the AD7172-4 for about a week now and am not having much luck.

    My Setup

    • Communicating with an PIC24 device - SPI signals look good. Viewed with a scope and edges look correct. Also reading registers…
  • Reading Registers on AD7172-4

    Hello everone.

    I have connected the EVAL-AD7172-4SDZ board to the SPI interface on a STM32F405 board. Writing to registers in the ADC seems to work fine, e.g. I can start a conversion in single conversion mode, set the ADC into standby mode or turn on…

  • RE: Looking for an ADC for 48 x 48 thermopile array -IR image sensor

    Hi Muthu, 

    what is your signal swing at the output and noise requirement?

    look at devices such as AD7172-2 or AD7172-4 as examples - buffered input scenarios with mux available as a ballpark.

  • RE: AD7177-2失调电压问题



    AD7172-2、AD7172-4、AD7173-8、AD7175-2、AD7175-8、AD7176-2、 AD7177-2、AD7124-4和AD7124-8校准

    作者:Jonathan Colao

  • AD7172-4 Even Numbered Channels

    Hi All

    After finally getting the above device to behave sensibly, I have come across another issue. While it does not completely stop me using the chip, I would like to get to the bottom of the issue.

    From what I am aware, this device allows any of…

  • RE: AD7172 digital&analog ground connecting

    Hi Winio,

         The analog and digital supplies to the AD7172 are independent and connected to separate pins to minimize coupling between the analog and digital sections of the device.  As indicated on the datasheet, the PCB designed must have analog and digital…

  • RE: ADC Requriement

    Hi Sharvy,

         Please check on the AD7124-8 and AD7172-4. These are some of the latest in the Sigma-Delta ADC family and are multi channel at 24bit resolution. Below is the link of the datasheet. Let me know if there are other concerns.


  • RE: ADI最新中文资料大汇总(2017年9月)


    本应用笔记将详细讨论AD7172-2、AD7172-4、AD7173-8、 AD7175-2、AD7175-8、AD7176-2、AD7177-2、AD7124-4和 AD7124-8中使用的校准方法。