• RE: AD7172-2 odr register with postfilter

    NB I would normally just get the answer for this by looking at the eval software, but that doesn't run for some reason ez.analog.com/.../ad7172-2-eval-software


    When I change output data rates,need calibration ?

    Or only  be performed at  lower output data rates?

  • ad7172-2多通道切换的问题




    ad717x_st_reg ad7172_2_regs[] =


           { AD717X_STATUS_REG, 0x00, 1 },

           { AD717X_ADCMODE_REG…

  • RE: AD7172-2 Sample rate not updating

    Hi Jellenie

    Yes the AVDD1 and AVDD2 are tied together and +5V is supplied. I know it's

    not clear in the schematic as +5V and DGND are overwritten.

    Can you guide me what next I should do.

    Should I try mounting another chip of AD7172-2?


  • AD7172-2 eval software

    The eval software installs without error, but crashes on startup (see log below). Tried on W7 and W10, installing/running as admin.

    #Date: 17 Sep 2019 14:16:17
    #OSName: Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1
    #OSVers: 6.1
    #OSBuild: 7601
    #AppName: AD717x…

  • AD7172-2 External Crystal

    I want to use an external crystal to generate the master clock.

    And I use  the CLKOUT signal be buffered with a CMOS buffer before being applied to the rest of the circuit.

    the CLKOUT signal be buffered with a CMOS buffer before being applied to the rest…

  • AD7172-2 inactive RDY for reading Data-Register

    Dear Specialists,

    I have a problem to read Data-Register using AD7172-2.

    After Reset, Writing and Reading registers like ADCMODE, IFMODE, CH0, SETUPCON0, FILTCON0, ID register is OK.

    But after CS# is low, Ready# signal is still high, Data reading result…

  • AD7172-2 Max Operating Temperature

    The data sheet lists max operating temp of 105C.  Is this part available with operating temp to 125C?

  • About AD7172-2 STATUS REGISTER

    By setting the DATA_STAT bit in the interface mode register,

    Is status register ahead of the data register or later?

    (Which is right,status register+data register or data register+status register?)

  • About AD7172-2 Input Impedance

    Hi, All.

    I want to know the input impedance at the time of buffer ON.

    For use with differential, it is good if you know the normal mode.

    Assumed to have rate is 500SPS.

    Best Regards,