• AD7195 vs AD7172-2 in weighing applications


    following the thread "Precision Weigh scale Issues".....

    I want to make a comparison between a weighing scale that we have operating with exceptional behavior (AD7195), and a new one that we are designing with the


    1- I do not understand…

  • AD7172-2 channel non desirable inter-coupling when channel inputs are extremely different e.g. 0V on CH1 and when Vfull on CH2, two channel minimum activated


    I wish to hear about the ADC noise impact on the AD7172 when more than one chanel is activated at the time. From the datasheet, it is not clear for me if the effective ADC resolution and/or the Noise level (rms) obtained maybe affected by the number…

  • RE: AD7172-2 inactive RDY for reading Data-Register

    Dear Jellenie,

    I have tried through SPI interface of EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and EVAL-AD717x-2SDZ.
    Of course my circuit is AD7172-2 and differential input circuit and it works fine.
    The differnce is DOUT/RDY is high if /CS high.
    when EVAL software Reading Status is 0x00…

  • AD7172-2 Precision Weigh Scale Issues

    I´m using AD7172-2 converter, with external amplifier, in bipolar mode input. The load cell is 30kg capacity and 2mV/V, and the excitation voltage is +5VDC (REF is +5VDC too to do ratiometric system). I attach the scheme.

    1- I have configured the…

  • RE: AD7172-2 odr register with postfilter

    NB I would normally just get the answer for this by looking at the eval software, but that doesn't run for some reason ez.analog.com/.../ad7172-2-eval-software



    I have deposited AD 7172 - 2 questions from my customers.

    Customer is evaluating AD7172-2. They are using 3 channels from CH 0 to CH 2.
    The customer noticed the behavior which he did not expect.
    The AD7172-2 occasionally outputs data as follows.
    1 ch…
  • AD7172-2 channel sequencer


    I use two externl 4ch MUXs with AD7172-2 to get 8ch ADC system.
    AD7172-2 setting is as follows
     ch0(Ain0-Ain1) and ch1(Ain2-Ain3) enabled.
     MUX_IO is set and GPIO0, GPIO1 are used to switch external 4ch MUXs.
     use continuous conversion mode.

    How does the…

  • AD7172-2 eval software

    The eval software installs without error, but crashes on startup (see log below). Tried on W7 and W10, installing/running as admin.

    #Date: 17 Sep 2019 14:16:17
    #OSName: Windows 7 Enterprise Service Pack 1
    #OSVers: 6.1
    #OSBuild: 7601
    #AppName: AD717x…

  • ADA4528-2 drive AD7172-2 + 10VDC load cell

    My question is if It´s possible to connect a load cell (+10VDC supply) with zero drift amplifier ADA4528-2 (+5VDC supply) for driving diferential input of AD7172-2 AD converter.

    You can see the schematic attached.


  • The Power Dissipation value from datasheet of ADC AD7172-2 is different with summary page


    I'm searching some information about Delta Sigma ADC now. There is a strange point which I would like to ask your help in explanation.

    I used summary page to filter all Delta Sigma ADC. This is the link.

    I checked the typical power dissipation…