• the Calibration of AD7172-2


    Is a hardware reset required before each calibration of the AD7172-2 ?


  • About the over-range error of ad7172-2

    We have a circuit board designed based on AD7172-2 for wide-range measurement.
    According to the data sheet of AD7172-2,the output result of the ADC should be 0xFFFFFF when an over-range error occurs. 
    But we can’t get this value in the test.

  • AD7172-2 internal temperature sensor


    Can you tell me how do I have to set the input type (unipolar or bipolar) of the AD7172-2 to get the right temperature sensor senstivity of 477uV/K? Since no inducation is given into the data sheet. Similarly, based on Q&A answers, I learned that…

  • AD7172-2的问题


  • How to make burnout currents enable in AD7172-2

    While the bit BURNOUT_EN0 of register SETUPCON0 is readonly in datasheet of AD7172-2,how to make burnout currents enable?

  • About the time until the conversion result output of AD7172-2

    Let me ask you about the time it takes for the AD7172-2 to get results in single conversion mode (the time it takes for the / RDY pin to go down).

    All used with default settings (250Ksps, CH0 only ON, SIN5 + 1,SING_CYC = 1).

    Reg: 0x01
    DATA: 0xA11C

    As a…

  • AD7172-2 SPI communication error


    I've been working with the AD7172-2 for almost two years now and it have been working.

    I'm now redesigning the prototype board to fit the final product. Schematic is exactly the same and board layout around the AD7172-2 is almost exactly the same…

  • RE: AD7172-2 Square ware input issues


    Apologies, I would re-direct you the community shown below.  

    EngineerZone (ez.analog.com) offers support for English language inquiries only. Please post your question in English so that all members can read it. If you require assistance in Chinese…

  • AD7172-2 接口寄存只能配置为0x0000