• AD7172-2 SPI communication error


    I've been working with the AD7172-2 for almost two years now and it have been working.

    I'm now redesigning the prototype board to fit the final product. Schematic is exactly the same and board layout around the AD7172-2 is almost exactly the same…

  • AD7195 vs AD7172-2 in weighing applications


    following the thread "Precision Weigh scale Issues".....

    I want to make a comparison between a weighing scale that we have operating with exceptional behavior (AD7195), and a new one that we are designing with the


    1- I do not understand…

  • AD7172-2使用问题


  • AD7172-2 Use Case and Configuration



    at first few information about what we intend to do. We want to measure a small current from a Biochemical Cell and convert it to a voltage with a low bias current TIA Stage. Based on the measured Gas (i.e. a reducing Gas Sensor) the TIA output…

  • ADA4528-2 drive AD7172-2 + 10VDC load cell

    My question is if It´s possible to connect a load cell (+10VDC supply) with zero drift amplifier ADA4528-2 (+5VDC supply) for driving diferential input of AD7172-2 AD converter.

    You can see the schematic attached.




    I have deposited AD 7172 - 2 questions from my customers.

    Customer is evaluating AD7172-2. They are using 3 channels from CH 0 to CH 2.
    The customer noticed the behavior which he did not expect.
    The AD7172-2 occasionally outputs data as follows.
    1 ch…
  • AD7172-2 channel sequencer


    I use two externl 4ch MUXs with AD7172-2 to get 8ch ADC system.
    AD7172-2 setting is as follows
     ch0(Ain0-Ain1) and ch1(Ain2-Ain3) enabled.
     MUX_IO is set and GPIO0, GPIO1 are used to switch external 4ch MUXs.
     use continuous conversion mode.

    How does the…

  • AD7172-2


  • AD7172-2 Precision Weigh Scale Issues

    I´m using AD7172-2 converter, with external amplifier, in bipolar mode input. The load cell is 30kg capacity and 2mV/V, and the excitation voltage is +5VDC (REF is +5VDC too to do ratiometric system). I attach the scheme.

    1- I have configured the…

  • AD7172-2内置基准及LDO输出问题,ADC采样Error



    调试AD7172-2的时候发现ADC总是发生超量程错误(ADCSTATUS寄存器返回值为0x40),后来发现配置好的REFOUT引脚没有电压输出,REF+输出为零,还有REGCAP_A为负值大约0.8V(照理说应该是内置1.8V的输出1.8V),请问能否帮忙看看是什么问题。 附件是我的电路原理图。