• RE: ADC7172-2 randomly converts 0x000000 or 0xFFFFFF

    Hi Jellenie,

    Thanks for the detailed answers and your help.

    Flow chart:

    Here is how a „traditional” ADC data read looks like. Traditional means: it has 4-pin SPI and a dedicated DRDY pin which goes down when the new conversion result is available in ADC…

  • I am searching for a very low consumption 16bit ADC capable of 0-5V input, 100 Sps, 8 Channels high impedance input

    It seems to be that this is not possible to find in one chip.
    I found ADAS3022 which has 8 inputs high impedance, 0-5V and 0-10V input 16bit. But this consumes quite much current.

    I also found AD7171 which is low power but needs external reference 5V…

  • RE: AD8212 output error

    Hello Kris,

    I've connected GND_ISO and GND_48V as you suggested and the output value from AD8212 seems OK.

    as you can see from the attached files GND_48V is connected to DC-DC which it's output 5V & GND is for the MCU.

    I don't think this…

  • Sigma-Delta ADC interface with BF through SPI

    Hi guys,

    I'm now using BF533 to read samples from AD7171(sigma-delta, 16bit, 125Hz output data rate, SPI compatible) through SPI. The serial digital interface of AD7171 consists of two signals: SCLK and DOUT, no /CS. A 24-bit word is placed on the DOUT…

  • What is the ADA2200?

    What is the ADA2200?

    The ADA2200 is a synchronous demodulator for signal conditioning in industrial and medical and applications. The signal processing is performed entirely in the analog domain by charge sharing among capacitors, which eliminates the…

  • Digital Interface FAQ - Sigma Delta ADC

    1. How does the serial interface operate?
    2. What is the recommended initialization sequence?
    3. Are there any precautions that should be taken to make the interface more robust?
    4. If the interface does get corrupt, what are the options to regain control…
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