• AD7171 resolution


    AD7171's  ENOB and  Noise Free bit is calculated by  datasheet p.9 equations. 

    These results is over 16bits.

    And ENOB is 16bits in specification.

    Is there over bits sampling? 

  • AD7171 Pulse Noise

    Periodic pulses (128kHz, 60mV peak, 150ns width) are observed at Vin (+).
    -Does this affect the conversion result?
    -Could you tell me the settling time of AD7171?

    Since Analog Input Channel is Unbuffer, an OPAMP buffer is prepared to reducing input impedance…

  • AD7171: data conversion never ready


    I'm incorporating AD7171 on a new board. I've so far assembled two of these with same result:

    My problem is that the DOUT/RDY-pin never goes low after reset/power up. This is what I do:

     * Configure pins on the microcontroller (PDRST and…

  • AD7171 output data rate variations


    I have a question about AD7171.

    Q :  Is the data rate in the range of 125Hz +/- 10%?


    According to D/S, 125Hz 「TYP」

    Because customer apps is real time temp sensing, they needs variation specs.  

    And, the user must ensure that the complete word…

  • AD7171: voltage exitation for thermistor


    I proposed the following circuit to our customer for thermistor input.

         Requirment: cost, simple circuit, about 16bit p-p resolutions.

    On the other hand, in Maxim's application note,

    The same voltage excitation, but the connection is different…

  • AD7171-2 Eval Board Noise Test


       I bought AD7175-2 Evaluation Board(EVAL-AD717x-2SDZ(Rev-E)) and carried out Noise test with two different configurations as below  and observed Signal variation

    ADC ODR - 250 KSPS

    My K20 SPI Clock - 6.25 MHZ

    ADC Read / data - 10.4 uSec



  • How do I interface an Arduino to the no-OS driver? (ad7171)

    Can I simply use the "device_driver" files located here:

    With the communication files located here:

  • 请教AD7171数据输出速率125Hz可以改变吗?


  • RE: Is there any ACD model with 0-10v input and I2C output?

    Hi codyuzumaki,

       I would recommend to you the AD7171. This is a 16bit Sigma Delta ADC with differential input. You can check details on the datasheet. There are circuit note available using the AD7171(CN0188 and CN0218) which you can use as your reference…

  • Sigma-Delta ADC interface with BF through SPI

    Hi guys,

    I'm now using BF533 to read samples from AD7171(sigma-delta, 16bit, 125Hz output data rate, SPI compatible) through SPI. The serial digital interface of AD7171 consists of two signals: SCLK and DOUT, no /CS. A 24-bit word is placed on the DOUT…