• AD7170 Evaluation Kit Labview Source code?


    We have the AD7170 Evaluation Kit and would like to display and log the readings with a filtered response (writing our own LabVIEW application). 

    The input signal, analog signal is provided by ADA2200, with Lock-in measurement. 

    Is there any way of getting…

  • AD7170 SPI最大速率的问题

    AD7170 数据手册SCLK  t1 t2 定义了最小值是100ns,最大可以到多少? 这个时间宽度是否决定了SPI的速率?

  • RE: ADA2200 - Choosing the right ADC

    I am also interested in selecting an ADC to pair with the ADA2200 for use in a lock in amplifier application. I see the AD7170 is shown in the datasheet example (Fig 27) with the SYNCO signal from the ADA2200 connecting to it. I don't understand how this…

  • CMOS IC processing


    How to find out the process technologies (CMOS IC processing) for the following ADCs:
    AD7466, AD7476, AD7170, AD7151 ?


  • RE: 请问关于ADC的选型!!急!!

    测量范围为10度,0.01的精度对应的分辨率应该是10-bit, 考虑到信号的输出范围和误差、噪声的影响,需要将适当提高分辨率为12-bit或者更高,考虑成本,AD7170/71供你参考

  • RE: AC Current Measurement


    For 12 Bits, single channel SAR, look at AD7920, the AD7910 is the 10 bit version of this part.

    If you need more channels then look at AD7912 (2 channel) AD7923/7 (4 channel/8 channel).

    For a 12 bit sigma delta look at the AD7170.

    These devices…

  • RE: Digital Interface FAQ - Sigma Delta ADC

    1. How does the serial interface operate?

    The serial interface on these families of converters is implemented as a state machine. The interface works by counting clocks on each data transfer. Therefore, if you are performing a write operation to one of…

  • What is the ADA2200?

    What is the ADA2200?

    The ADA2200 is a synchronous demodulator for signal conditioning in industrial and medical and applications. The signal processing is performed entirely in the analog domain by charge sharing among capacitors, which eliminates the…