• AD7152 faster?


    I am currently working on a project to measure the capacitance in a relatively fast signal. I came across AD7152 and bought the development board. Working on a single channel, I can get a sampling frequency of 200Hz, however, I would like to get…

  • AD7152 Capacitance ADC

    I am trying to write some application software that will access an Analog Devices AD7152 device that uses the cy68013a. I want to use the CyUsb.sys driver and the CyUSB managed .NET library to communicate with the device through the device driver.


  • Looking for a AD7152 replacement



    I am currently working with the Eval-AD7152EBZ.

    I am using this board to measure pressure/weight by using a variable capacitor

    This works nice but I want to make more of these pressure sensors on the same I2C bus.

    But the with the AD7152 it…

  • AD7152寄存器问题

    按照手册上给出的地址,从地址0x00处读出的默认值应当为0x03 但是我读出的寄存器值为0x53 同时我还读取了其他的寄存器,读出的值都是正确的,请问我应该怎么办。。

  • Suggest to response time below 5ms for Capacitance-to-digital converters?

    Dear Sir,

    Because AD7152 is last time buy but customer is looking for fast response time which is less than 5ms or below.

    Does AD7152 have next generation product or could you give me advise ,tks!

    Competitor TI FDC1004


  • Sensor Design for CDC


    I'm in the process of gathering information for designing the sensor for one of the capacitance digital converters like the AD7152. I'm looking to build a system that will measure the moisture in soil, so I need the measure the capacitance of…

  • RE: Q&A

    AD7147 has single ended sensor input channels whereas AD7152 has differential sensor input channels.

  • Help: Choose a Capacitive-to Digital Converter

    Hi all,

        I am looking for a Capacitive to Digital converter of which the sampling frequency is bigger than 1KHz and the Conversion frequency is bigger than the sampling frequency and the resolution should be in fF level.Does someone have a good advice…

  • RE: micron resolution capacitive proximity sensor

    The capacitive proximity sensors described in AD714x AppNote 830 are contact-less.

    What I'm unsure about is the achievable precision (distance, repeatable) with

    capacitive proximity sensors (AD714x) or Cap2Dig converters (AD715x/AD774x).

    I'll try…

  • RE: AD7745 External Excitation

    Hi there,


    the way the AD7745 is designed, it is not possible to use
    external excitation sources.

    The excitation source is not only to provide voltage levels, it
    also controls and synchronises the CDC measurement. In application note AN-1055
    on page…