• AD7150

    Hello there'

    I have a question relateed to AD7150

    How can I connect 2 or more AD7150 on the I2C bus ?

    AD7150 data sheet states that the start byte address for the AD7150 is

    0x90 for write and 0x91 for read.

    Is there any register that stores…

  • AD7150 input range extension


    Can I extend the input range of AD7150   to 100pF as CN-0129

    though AD7150 does not have  teh register settings for EXCB= inverse of EXCA as AD7745/AD7746 ?

    (For example,  if the voltage of EXCA is set to 1/2 by resistor deivider,  is the input range…

  • RE: AD7150,AD7746仿真板的区别


    1. AD7150的分辨率为12位,而AD7747的分辨率为24位。

    2. 测量电容范围不同,AD7747为17+/-4pf(当然可以根据外接电路扩展,见cn-0129),而AD7150 为10+0.5~4pf。

    3. 供电及功耗不同。AD7150供电为2.7V~3.6V,而AD7747为2.7~5.25V.

  • AD7150 I2C Source Code

    Dear Sir:

    I want AD7150 to develop my applications, can you provide AD7150 I2C source code to me with Integration my MCU? thank you!

    Best Regards,

  • AD7150 & CN0095

    Hello, Greetings!

    I have been requested for this reference design, but since it is a reference, I believe it is not available to be purchased from ADI.

    Is there available the production (gerber) files for this board?

    CN0095 | circuit note and reference…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    北京 石景山区 电容检测 关注AD7150芯片

  • AD7150/AD7156 For Contactless Capacitive Sensor App.

    Dear All:

    In recent years, to have more applications will often use Contactless capacitive Sensor App. If using AD7150/AD7156 Proximity Sensing furthest can be detected in a number of normal distance. ADI has actual test data this area can be provided…

  • AD7147: Can I use it to  detect  the  hand at 10cm away  from the  button?

    Is  it  possible  to use  the AD7147 for  an approximation, I  want  to 
    detect  the  hand at 10cm away  from the  button?


    The proximity detection range for AD7147 is up to 2cm.  Getting a detection
    distance of 10cm is not possible with the cap…
  • AD7150 Internal Memory


    we are considering the AD7150 for re-designing our sensors.

    We have bought the evealuation board accordingly.

    Now the problem is the following:

    We need fixed threshold and the sensitivity needs to be tuned piece by piece once we ill be in commercial…

  • Problem during data reading from AD7150


    I am using AD7150. when both the channels are disabled using configuration register, it shows some value in data registers. kindly help me to tackle this problem