• AD7148: Effect of water FAQs

    I would like to use some capacitive buttons (up to 8) in a shower control
    system. The buttons will be inside the shower box. The customer, wet because
    under shower, has to touch the buttons to interact with the system. Clearly is
    an hard moisture…

  • AD7148的CDC转换输入与输出是线性关系吗


  • RE: Capacitive level sensor


    I want to use AD7148 to measure the position of a metal plate, like a metallic "robot finger". I was thinking I should ground this robot finger, as the human is considered to be a ground in the models I see in the AD7148 data sheet.

  • RE: Two capacitive input for AD7747

    Hello Idowu,

    The AD7746 cannot be used for single electrode sensing; shorting the Excitation pins to the CIN pins will saturate the readings of the sensor.

    The AD7747 is the only single ended device in this family, but you could look at the CapTouch…

  • RE: 关于ADC的参数问题 T-put rate sample rate

    AD7148是sigma-delta ADC的内核。sigma-delta ADC都是采用的是过采样的技术,也就是说它的采样率比实际的数据输出速率要高很多。这种ADC内部都有抽取的处理。但是对于比如SAR型的ADC,sample rate与throughput rate是一样的。

  • RE: Looking for a AD7152 replacement


    there are couple of parts that provide more number of channels but they are limited to applications such as single electrode capacitance sensors or have touch sensor type of applications.


  • AD7746 Principle: how do you measure the charge on the capacitor?

    I am now using AD7746 in a medical telemetry system, the performance is really impressive. However, I do not fully understand the operation principle.

    In the datasheet on Page 20, it says"A square-wave excitation signal is applied on the CX during the…

  • 2008-11-24 23:48:51     Linux Driverm for AD7147 capsense

    2008-11-24 23:48:51     Linux Driverm for AD7147 capsense

    deepthi kiran (INDIA)

    Message: 65771   


      Iam working on BF526 EZkit with LCD Ezkit extender, I searched for AD7147 driver in uClinux, but I dint found the one, driver is not ther in SVN trunk…

  • 医疗保健应用中的ADI电容数字转换器技术


    多年以来,ADI 公司丰富而全面的线性、混合信号、MEMS和数字信号处理技术给仪器仪表、成像和病人监护等领域的医疗设备设计带来了重大的变革。本文将集中探讨电容数字转换器(CDC)技术,该技术使得在医疗保健应用中使用高性能电容检测成为可能。