• AD7147 evaluate issue.


    We designed a capacitive sensor pcb with the AD7147. When I was testing by EVAL-AD7147EBZ, I found that most of the data could not be read when accessing our sensors, and then I found that the CS pin voltage was often zero. But occasionally the…

  • AD7147 read issue


    i use the AD7147 on a prototype board with an AVR 8Bit mcu. At first i decide to use only one Channel.

    After the Initialisation of the AD7147 i checked the signals. Shield and CIN0 are ok.

    The AD7147 reads the SPI messages, because CIN0 is activatet…

  • AD7156 x AD7147

    Hello Gentleman,

    We are working with a customer for making one capacitive sensor for detecting finger placement, end application would be for security, eliminating switches for lighting control and access control. It is one innovative product that will…

  • AD7147 offset


    In the AD7147 datasheet on page16 it shows a diagram of how the POS_AFE_OFFSET and the NEG_AFE_OFFSET affect the CDC.

    Suppose I have a single CIN connected to the positive end of a conversion stage. if the measured values are too low, then increasing…

  • Ad7147 Wiring


    I'm wondering if anyone can look at this PCB I've designed and let me know if it looks right or needs to be changed. This is to connect an external AD7147 to the evaluation board through its external connector. The PCB is designed to measure force…

  • LDC - AD7147 Eval-Board

    When we connected an AD7143-1 externally to AD7147-1 evaluation board (instead
    of AD7147-1), we noticed an automatic change in configuration/ID register of
    EEPROM. When we reconnected AD7147-1 (instead of AD7143-1) the configuration/ID
  • 关于AD7147


          请问一下,AD7147ACPZ-REEL,AD7147PACPZ-RL,AD7147WPACPZ-RL,这三款的区别是什么呢?如附件(ORDERING GUIDE)所示,AD7147ACPZ-REEL的Description是Wake up on touch,而AD7147PACPZ-RL的描述是Wake up on proximity。
          我这里是需要用这个CDC测量电容的改变量,从而测位移,请问三款都可以吗?还是需要区分Wake up on touch,Wake up on proximity与AD7147W呢…

  • AD7147-1 Software reset

    When software reset AD7147-1,  does a device output ACK?

    Or will a device be reset immediately?

    Please advise.

    I would be grateful if you could let us have your answer concerning this matter.

    ACK or RESET?

    I am still expecting your response regarding…

  • Capability of EVAL-AD7147

    I'm new to analog circuits so forgive me if this is a simple question. I'm interested in using a EVAL-AD7147 to measure some external capacitors. From what I saw in the data sheet the CIN pins have already been linked to the example capacitors…

  • AD7147 capacitance resolution confusion

    Earlier in this forum, the AD7147 resolution was given as 24.4fF per count or about 1600 pf for a full scale 16 bit output.

    Figure 18 in the data sheet shows roughly 60,000 counts for a 25 pF Cx or about 0.4 fF per count.

    The specified input Cx range…