• AD7147: Can several AD7147 be used in parallel to realize a remote control with 35 buttons?

    Can several AD7147 be used in parallel to realize a remote control with 35


    Several AD7147 devices cannot be connected to the same sensor module or keypad
    design due to crosstalk and interference from the excitation signals of one

  • RE: Questions about AD7147

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    Regarding these questions, I'll contact the product owner and get back to you.

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  • RE: STM32 for AD7147-1 I2C Sensor Reading


    Apologies. I missed posting the I2C example code. 


    Hope this helps. 

    I am not sure if we have any specific code that you are looking for But I guess the…

  • AD7147: FAQs

    We have 8 AD7147 on operating on a single 2-layer PCB which. Devices operate
    properly as long as only one AD7147 is exciting the electrodes. From the posts
    available at the ENGINEER zone I suspect the problem lies in the interference
    caused by the unsynchronized…

  • AD7147:  AC_SHIELD

    I have a question about AC_SHIELD of AD7147.

    I'm using two AD7147 on one PCB.

    Each AD7147 is connected with the sensor of the slider.

    In this system, the CIN value of default is greatly different in each PCB.

    In the device with large CIN value…

  • AD7147 threshold

    Using the AD7147 to detect a button press, I notice that if an object (such as a hand) slowly moves toward the button, the threshold increases, and if the object slowly moved away, the threshold decreases.  But if the hand is moved away quickly, the threshold…

  • AD7147

    Hello, I've recently bought AD7147 CapTouch Programmable Controller for Single-Electrode Capacitance Sensors and I want to connect it to Arduino Uno to read from capacitive buttons. Is there any code written for Arduino that I can directly use it with…

  • AD7147: PCB layouts

    1)       Using the AD7142 is it possible to put the buttons on another board
    connected by a cable? Or is it better to have a short distance between the
    buttons and the AD717x?

    2)       Do you have PCB layouts for buttons for the AD7147 with one electrode…

  • AD7147

    Dear engineer,

         Hello,We designed a capacitive sensor PCB with the AD7147. When I was testing by EVAL-AD7147EBZ, I found that the data always can not be read by the software when connecting our PCB, but in very few cases we can read the data,and then I…

  • AD7147 Output Noise

    It is a question about AD7147.
    How much dispersion does Output Noise (Peak-to-Peak) in CAPACITANCE-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTER ?


    AD7147 Data Sheet Rev. E

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