• Does the pad on the AD7143 CDAC chip have to be grounded?


    Does the pad on the underside of the AD7143 (QFN-like package) have to be grounded for the IC to work?

    I have connected everything up except this pad, and the chip won't respond over I2C (no acknowledge bit).

    Cheers, Geo

  • 能读取AD7143的设备ID号,却无法正确读取其AD采集的数据。




  • LDC - AD7147 Eval-Board

    When we connected an AD7143-1 externally to AD7147-1 evaluation board (instead
    of AD7147-1), we noticed an automatic change in configuration/ID register of
    EEPROM. When we reconnected AD7147-1 (instead of AD7143-1) the configuration/ID
  • RE: ADD7746 - Testing/Measuring Multiple CDCs Simultaneously?

    Hi Allan,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  If you need multiple sensor inputs then have you considered maybe the AD7142 or AD7143 parts?  These parts have multiple sensor inputs so they would reduce the need to use multiple AD7746 chips.

  • RE: Two capacitive input for AD7747

    Hello Idowu,

    The AD7746 cannot be used for single electrode sensing; shorting the Excitation pins to the CIN pins will saturate the readings of the sensor.

    The AD7747 is the only single ended device in this family, but you could look at the CapTouch…

  • RE: Any option for shielding with AD7746?


    Basically I want to oscillate my sensors so they only detect objects on only one of their sides, not both. Something as what is shown in this pdf in section 2.1 http://www.ti.com/lit/an/snoa926a/snoa926a.pdf

    When I say "other capacitive converters…

  • RE: Looking for a AD7152 replacement


    there are couple of parts that provide more number of channels but they are limited to applications such as single electrode capacitance sensors or have touch sensor type of applications.


  • Mux for Cap-to-D converter

    Hi All,


    For a project, I want to differentially sense multiple capacitive channels (non-touch application), and I am thinking of using 6-7 units of the AD7143 chipset. I was wondering if anybody knew a good multiplexer to switch between these chips…

  • Driving AD7150 as a slave via I2C

    Hi All,

    I am trying to figure out how to control my AD7150 eval board using an external microcontroller (Cypress PSOC 4 Pioneer dev. kit). Does anyone have a step-by-step solution to do this, preferably with application code in the C programming language…