• AD7142


    I am trying to achieve cap touch using AD7142. But the results shows overflows everytime. Anyone provide some sample values for configuring AD7142.

  • AD7142


    Im working on ad7142 for proximity detection. Can any one please provide the equation to map the output CDC code to corresponding capacitance value?

  • AD7142


    I am working with AD7142 for proximity detection. But still I cannot achieve it correctly because of the wrong register configurations. Any one can provide a sample code for this?  I am resolving the same issue for the last 5 months. Any one please…

  • AD7142: Signature capture

    Is it possible for the AD7142 to be used with a touch glass ?

    Is it possible to use the AD7142 for signature capture ?


    The AD7142 can function through a certain thickness of glass (a few mm).

    I assume that for signature capture, it…
  • AD7142

    I am using a single Cin connected to positive CDC input. I have written the powerup sequence as shown below




                                   //bank 1//


  • AD7142 converter


    Anybody here worked with AD7142? I have a problem with programming it and I wondered if anyone can give me a sample program for this.



  • AD7142 Capacitance Range?

    Hi all,

            I am working on a capacitance measurement project where i am planning to use AD7142,

            I am confused in range which i can measure.

            Here CIN Input Range is ±2pf  , paracestic capacitance is 40pf.

           So what is the range???

  • Hardware design for AD7142

    Hello All

    I am trying to interface an AD7142ACPZ-1500RL7 to my Arduino Uno. I can't find any resources/references for designing the breakout board for this SMD. In fact I cant even find the footprint of this IC in the EAGLE CAD library. (Referred Analog…

  • AD7142的几个问题




  • Problems with AD7142 SPI Communications


    we are planning an to use the AD7142 for our application and thus would like to evaluate the chip. So we soldered the chip to a prototype board and connected it to the SPI bus of a uC Evaluation board. Unfortuantely we did not manage to get the…