• AD7134 Evaluation Board

    I am using the AD7134 eval kit and have noticed the following register seems to have an incorrect config value when operational. Specifically the FRAME field in the DATA_PACKET_CONFIG register.

    From what I can see this interface is running in 24bit…

  • ad7134

    we are planning to use AD7134 for acquisition in our project. we are having following queries about the chip

    1. can ad7134 be integrated with ADA8282 in ac coupling mode? This doubt we got because ADA8282 doesn't have any common mode voltage at its output…

  • AD7134: FAQs

    Q1. What anti-alias filter is required for AD7134?

    The architecture of AD7134 offers excellent attenuation of out of band high frequencies providing 102 dB inherent Alias rejection which caters for most of the application requirements.

    Along with the…

  • Regarding AD7134

    I am working on an acquisition system with ad7134 and ada8282 ,  using eval boards for the same.

    This system has been connected to a function generator feeding -15 dbm single tone input to the eval ada8282, the ada8282 has been programmed for 18 dbm gain…

  • RE: synchronization across multiple AD7134 devices


    Firstly 14ns also looks very high, Spec. on the DS says about 1.5ns,  which we have tested.

    Are there are any front end components for the circuit? like driver or so? Are the two inputs physically shorted at the input of ADC?

    Coming to Device to Device…

  • AD7134 with ADA4254


    My application is to create an 8 channel, synchronously-sampled data acquisition system for signals from +-5mV to +-10V synchronised to an external 40kHz sample clock (and I'm looking at ways to increase that for various performance & spec reasons…

  • RE: AD7134 Gain calibration value

    Thanks. So I conclude that GAIN_CHx is unsigned and the resulting gain equals to 0.5+(GAIN_CHx)*(0.95/1e6), with GAIN_CHx the decimal representation of the 20bits unsigned value. The 0.95ppm value is likely just 1/(2^20) = 0.953674ppm. So that would make…

  • AD7134 Errata

    Trivial - but think there is an error on the legend for Fig 85 in the data sheet - needs swapping black for grey.

    (Well actually needs plot colours changed - not legend, to avoid dissonance with fig 86/87)

  • AD7134 extended operating Temperature


    We have checked your new sigma delta ADC part: AD7134 which functional spec is meeting our requirement,

    Whereas we are looking for -40 to +85deg Opertaing Temperature part whereas current part has only 0 to +85deg range.

    Do you have pipeline device…