• AD7124-8: FAQs

    Q.  How do I interface to multiple ADCs over the same serial interface?

    A.  A single microcontroller can be used to communicate with several AD7124-8 devices. The /CS input of the ADC can be used to enable or disable the serial interface of the ADC. By…

  • The imput impedance of AD7124-8


    Could anyone tell me what the imput impedance of AD7124-8 would be?

    I could not find any infomation about it on its data sheets.


  • AD7124-8 通道配置


  • AD7124-8 B-Grade Excitation Currents


    I have an issue with the excitation currents on the b-grade version of the AD7124-8 device. I am using both current sources on one channel with 1mA each. If I use 0x6 in the IO_CONTROL_1 register for IOUT0 and IOUT1, I will get 2mA on the output…

  • Input multiplexing capabilities of AD7124-8

    Dear Sirs,

    I'm starting to evaluate AD7124-8.

    Only to be sure, I would know if I can safely make a measure in unipolar mode using AVSS as negative analog input.

    For example, by configuring AINP = 00000b (AIN0) and AINM = 10001b (AVSS).


  • About plural channel samplings of AD7124-8


    I have two question about AD7124-8.

    I would like to use AD7124-8 in plural channels.

    For example, I use 2 channels.

    Can I take the sample data at 9.6ksps at the time of use of Sinc4 in 2 channels?

    Then, I don't need to use the function of Zero…

  • AD7124-8 internal reference measurement


    Is it possible to measure internal reference of the AD7124-8? There are "internal reference" signals on the list of the signals for channels, but the measurement of this signal pair requires selection of another reference source (unless one wants…

  • Gain issue on AD7124-8


    I am using the eval board for the AD7124-8 and am having some issues with the gain.

    The voltage on each of the channels varies from 2-2.5V.

    REFIN = AVDD, Power mode = Full power, all default settings are used.

    When PGA is set to 2, the ADC output…

  • FAQ. How to ensure synchronization of conversion between multiple AD7124-4/AD7124-8 devices?

    Answer: To ensure synchronization between multiple AD7124-4/AD7124-8 devices, the same master clock must be used for all devices. If the AD7124 internal clock has been used, then one ADC serves as the master and uses its own internal clock and this clock…

  • ad7124-8技术问题

    @AD7124-8  查看技术手册或者应用笔记的时候都是推荐采用差分模式,因为我测量的路数有些多,用差分可能一片搞不定,不想用两片,这样成本有些高,想知道单端模式队友测量精度有多少误差或影响@