• AD7124-8 bridge to UART. SPI to UART converter.


    I use AD7124-8 on my devices. Recently we discovered that we must add some new functionality to the device, and we are in a lack of free CPU pins. Thus, there is an idea, if it is possible to connect AD7124-8 to the UART port, instead of SPI.


  • ad7124-8 Conversion variability

    We have designed the AD7124-8 into one of our project (two wire RTD measurement) and we are encountering some technical difficulty. Namely, we are seeing a really high amount of variability in consecutive readings using the device (during periods where…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8 FAQs

    Q1. The AD7124-4 and AD7124-8 have 3 power modes which one should I used?

    The end application will dictate the power mode to use.

    Common applications for the part are smart transmitters, process control input modules and low power or battery operated…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8: FAQs


    What is the data output coding format used in AD7124-4/AD7124-8?


    On the AD124-4 & AD7124-8 sigma delta ADCs, two different coding options exist unipolar and bipolar coding. Unipolar coding is used to represent positive voltages only…

  • AD7124-8, ENOB calculation

    Dear Technical Support Team,

    I want to measure ENOB for AD7124-8 ADC, by using EVAL-AD7124-8 evaluation board.

    I used a 16-bit precision sine wave as input. Via python (numpy.fft), I processed the conversion results and got the signal spectrum.


  • AD7124-8

    Hi I am using AD7124-8.i have set only channel0 .  RDY  bit  Bit 7  of  STATUS REGISTER  never goes low after first  time i read data register.  for first time it shows 0 status .but once i read  data register then sets and  never goes to zero .  can you explain…

  • AD7124-4 AD7124-8 ESD on current output pins


    Is there a recommended ESD protection circuit for the current output pins on the AD7124-8?  I am using AIN0 and AIN1 to source 500uA of current to measure a 3 wire RTD.  Since these pins are directly wired off the chip and out of the board they will…

  • AD7124-8 acual SPS


    I'm using a AD7124-8  and I'm in doubt with the achievable SPS. From the data sheet it results that the max value is 19200 for a single channel. Thus, I suppose, using a Sinc3 filter for example, that enabling all the 16 channels at the same time…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8: Internal reference Long term drift?


    Test Condition


    Long Term Drift (ppm/1000hrs)




    Standard LFCSP




    No Bake











    85’C Bake





  • AD7124-8 with 4wire RTD


      我想咨询一下 AD7124-8 使用4线制PT1000 采样周期20HZ SIN4滤波器的情况下,采样精度能达到0.1°C,吗?