• AD7124-4/AD7124-8 FAQs

    Q1. The AD7124-4 and AD7124-8 have 3 power modes which one should I used?

    The end application will dictate the power mode to use.

    Common applications for the part are smart transmitters, process control input modules and low power or battery operated…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8: FAQs


    What is the data output coding format used in AD7124-4/AD7124-8?


    On the AD124-4 & AD7124-8 sigma delta ADCs, two different coding options exist unipolar and bipolar coding. Unipolar coding is used to represent positive voltages only…

  • Ltspice Model of AD7124-4 and AD7124-8

    Hey, Can anyone me to simulate AD7124 in Ltspice as i cannot find Spice model on the website. if someone has made it it would be great or else please help to create that IC in ltspice using IBIS model

  • AD7124-4 input protection


    I'm using AD7124-4 in my design. Input to this device is the output of an instrumentation amplifier whose supply is 31V and -5V. By any means if my instrumentation amplifier goes to saturation there is a possibility that ADC can get negative input…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8: Internal reference Long term drift?


    Test Condition


    Long Term Drift (ppm/1000hrs)




    Standard LFCSP




    No Bake











    85’C Bake





  • AD7124 FAQ: Is the B-grade better than the standard AD7124-4/8?

    Question: Is the B-grade better than the standard AD7124-4/8?

  • Development board for AD7124-4


    I was wondering if there was a development board for the AD7124-4. The evaluation kit EVAL-AD7124-4SDZ, but I can't seem to access the MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS lines (or am I missing something?). I'm primarily looking for writing a driver for my AD7124…

  • AD7124-4 CRC


    I have a question regarding AD7124-4 CRC Checksum.

    I can easily turn on the CRC check for ROM and RAM but I can not understand CRC for SPI communication.

    I turn on CRC SPI by enabling the SPI_CRC_ ERR_EN bit. Thereafter I expect that receive the CRC…

  • AD7124-4 PGA Input-Voltage Requirements


    I'm working on an RTD measurement design and comparing the specifications of AD7124-4 from ADI and ADS124S06 from TI.

    In ADS124S06's datasheet, there are equations for PGA input/output range (refer to the following figure). According to these…

  • FAQ. How to ensure synchronization of conversion between multiple AD7124-4/AD7124-8 devices?

    Answer: To ensure synchronization between multiple AD7124-4/AD7124-8 devices, the same master clock must be used for all devices. If the AD7124 internal clock has been used, then one ADC serves as the master and uses its own internal clock and this clock…