• Difference between the AD7124-4 and the AD7124-4B

    Let me ask about AD7124-4 and AD7124-4B.

    1. Is it ok to use excitation current function in idle mode.
    Table1 is written about difference between the AD7124-4 and the AD7124-4B. Then I want to use excitation current feature. But I understand that can't…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8 FAQs

    Q1. The AD7124-4 and AD7124-8 have 3 power modes which one should I used?

    The end application will dictate the power mode to use.

    Common applications for the part are smart transmitters, process control input modules and low power or battery operated…

  • AD7124-4

    Hi, I want to know the diffrence between the  internal clk of AD7124-4 and using  an external clk .That's to say which way of clk has high accuracy of temperature measurement.

    And when using an external clk ,then what's  features of this clk must have…

  • AD7124-4 Driver


        Can i get the Driver Code of  AD7124-4.

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  • Timing of excitation current of AD7124-4


    I want to confirm timing of excitation current of AD7124-4.
    Because my board seem same timing to up excitation and data getting when I set the ADC_CONTROL to single conversion mode.
    I think excitation current should start up before data getting.

  • RE: AD7124-4 channel registers


    Just to clarify. What datasheet revision you are referring to? I would assume that you meant table 74 (page 87 rev D) and the 73 is just a typo. 

    The AD7124-4 has 8 independent setups. Please see page 41 of AD7124-4 (Rev. D) (analog.com). Since it is…

  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8: FAQs


    What is the data output coding format used in AD7124-4/AD7124-8?


    On the AD124-4 & AD7124-8 sigma delta ADCs, two different coding options exist unipolar and bipolar coding. Unipolar coding is used to represent positive voltages only…

  • Without using pins of AD7124-4


    Without using pins of AD7124-4 ,such as AIN4,AIN5,AIN6,AIN7, These pins can float?

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  • AD7124-4/AD7124-8: Internal reference Long term drift?


    Test Condition


    Long Term Drift (ppm/1000hrs)




    Standard LFCSP




    No Bake











    85’C Bake