• AD7124-4


    We have been successfully using a system with the AD7124-4 for about a year.  We have been using Continuous Conversion mode with CONT_READ = 0.  When we switch to CONT_READ=1 (and remove the Communications Register read command), the output sample rate…

  • AD7124-4

    We are using an external 625KHz clock to drive the AD7124-4 modulator in high power mode.  We see that the CLK_SEL bits in the ADC_CONTROL_REGISTER should be set to 0b10 for an external clock, and that's what we're using.  However, there is an CLK_SEL…

  • AD7124-4

    Hi, I'm trying to understand when I should and should not use an external voltage reference.

    I'm connecting a load cell to the device as per http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/user-guides/EVAL-AD7124-4SDZ_UG-855.pdf.  An external…

  • AD7124-4 SPI problem

    here are scope shot for SCK, DIN,DOUT,/CK

    when read status register, read ID register, read ERROR register, read ERROR_EN register, read ADC_CONTRL register, I can read register values correctly.(below)

    SPI read registers

    However, when I change mode to stanby in ADC_CONTROL…

  • AD7124-4 clock output

    Hi, Im am using AD7124-4.  On this device, can I configure that AD7124-4 runs at an external clock and outputs it at the same time?  I already know that AD7124-4 runs at an internal clock and outputs it.  I would like to know whether the same thing goes…

  • AD7124-4 FS Setting in Virtual Eval Tool


    When I try to set FS = 1 in Virtual Eval Tool for AD7124-4 I get following error: "Fs of 1 is outside range for the AD7124. The Fs for the conditions selected must be between: 4 and 2047. Please enter a valid Fs." But AD7124-4 datasheet says…

  • Is an IBIS model available for the AD7124-4?

    Q. Is an IBIS model available for the AD7124-4?

    A. There is an IBIS model available for the AD7124-4 that can be downloaded at the following link: http://www.analog.com/en/license/ibis-models?mediaPath=media/en/simulation-models/ibis-models/ad7124…

  • Development board for AD7124-4


    I was wondering if there was a development board for the AD7124-4. The evaluation kit EVAL-AD7124-4SDZ, but I can't seem to access the MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS lines (or am I missing something?). I'm primarily looking for writing a driver for my AD7124…

  • AD7124-4 RTD Configuration


    I'm trying to configure AD7124-4 to read from a RTD.

    I've set my registers as follow:

    ADC_CONTROL(0x01) = 0x1080

    IO_CONTROL_1(0x03) = 0x0024BA

    CHANNEL_0(0x09) = 0x8043

    CONFIG_0(0x19) = 0x9EC

    If i set a 100 ohm resistance i read from…

  • AD7124-4 timing issue


    I met a timing issue during write/read register of AD724-4. Write 8085 to register 001001 and read back. The read back data is 8084, not 8085. Could you please help to look into this issue? I attached the write/read back timings, please check…