• Question about AD712

    Hi All,

    I need to clamp the Vout of the AD712 as attached. In this case the output of the AD712 is shorted to GND through a diode for a long time. The AD712 might be broken since it does not have a protection circuit?

    Do you know any other better circuit…

  • 最爱ADI放大器之- AD712

    最爱ADI放大器之- AD712 by huangguimin


  • 最爱ADI放大器之- AD712


  • RE: AD7124 FAQ: What are the differences between the standard AD712-4/8 and the B-grade

    Answer: There are some key differences between the B-Grade (AD7124-xBBCPZ/AD7124-xBBCPZ-RL) and the standard (AD7124-xBCPZ/AD7124-xBCPZ-RL) AD7124-4/8. Choice will depend on your application requirements, here are the key differences between the two …

  • 谈谈运放与音乐韵味AD827、AD712、AD797三款运放的比较

    谈谈运放与音乐韵味AD827、AD712、AD797三款运放的比较 by szddk@sina.cn



  • 谈谈运放与音乐韵味AD827、AD712、AD797三款运放的比较



  • RE: Replacing Tl072CP

    Hi, Dave.

    Yes, both AD712 and AD8512 can be used as VCA. You just have to replace the TL072ACP and you're all set.

    You can purchase the units in the Sample and Buy section of the AD712 product page and AD8512 product page. Just click the links and…

  • AD624 PGA

    hi.. I am designing programmable gain low noise amplifier by using AD624 with AD7528 and AD712 . Can you please help me out with circuit operation and how can i change my gain using digital data.

  • RE: LTspice stepping build-In Opamp models

    Hello JGillis,

    Have you tried your suggested solution? 

    I just tried it and it failed.

    Please upload an example.


    My settings:

    .model 712 ako AD712
    .model 795 ako AD795
    .lib ADI1.lib
    .step param ADX list 712 795


  • op270做二阶有源低通滤波器,单位增益跟随输出,当输出电压饱和时,输出振荡。