• AD711 replacement solution

    Hello there

                       Ask everyone, what alternative chip or solution is there for the AD711 chip,

    can OP07 or OP177 completely replace the AD711? Or there are other better chips.


                                                                                                                       Thanks everyone…

  • Potentiostat using AD711


    I have created an potentiostat using AD711. Everthing seems to be ok, but after a while on or more of the opamps break downs. I dont understand why, so I hope any of you can help me. I have attached the schematic. I use a traco TEN8-1222 to power…

  • Galvanostat using AD711

    I'm designing a galvanostat using the simple AD711 as a start. I simulated the circuit using Proteus and everithing seems to work just right.

    When I try to build it, The output of the U1 opamp goes to full scale (negative) and the non-inverting input…

  • Ad711 - Unity Gain


    I am using the AD711 as a unity gain buffer.  I have +/- 15V supply.  The output of the amplifier is connected to an LTX tester (LX tester VI16 modue).  I need to measure a voltage pulse which switches between +11V and -10V.  I have found a problem.


  • AD711 - Floating Null Pins

    What happens if I leave the null pins floating on an Analog Devices AD711?

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  • RE: AD834 quadrant multiplier

    Dear Kenneth43 thanks.

    I used the output amplifier with  gain=4.7. The output of AD711 is as per expectation, i.e. AD711 output =  (differential voltage at pin 5 and 4 of AD834) X 4.7

    The circuit seems to be so simple, but I do not know where is the mistake…