• RE: Modern general purpose opamp suggestions

    Ok thanks for that. I'll check out the AD711.

  • RE: AD834 quadrant multiplier

    Dear Kenneth43 thanks.

    I used the output amplifier with  gain=4.7. The output of AD711 is as per expectation, i.e. AD711 output =  (differential voltage at pin 5 and 4 of AD834) X 4.7

    The circuit seems to be so simple, but I do not know where is the mistake…

  • AD711 - Floating Null Pins

    What happens if I leave the null pins floating on an Analog Devices AD711?

  • RE: Ad711 - Unity Gain

    Hi mbrow,

    Can you attach your schematic diagram?
    I can't seem to find the specific LTX tester you're using, if possible can you
    give a link or attach documents regarding the LTX tester VI16 module.
    It'll be a great help in analyzing this issue.…

  • RE: Potentiostat using AD711

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  • RE: Galvanostat using AD711

    The idea is to make a desired current run through the RZ variable load. The voltage drop across R5 has to be the same as Vin, so the current is Vin/R5. To achieve that, I inverted it with U8 and added to Vin at U1, so I get a zero voltage at the inverting…

  • AD711_PDIP封装引脚8连接


  • RE: AD7847,0代码附近出现20mv的失真


  • op amp simplified schematic

    it is allowed to view simplified schematic of op amps AD711 and AD820

    what is inside in outline