• AD7091R-8BCPZ 1.8V operation


    I have connected VDRIVE of AD7091R-8 to a 1.8V supply.

     Does the chipset support such a voltage range??

    The Operating voltage specification does not mention the device to work below 1.8V so accuracy of supply voltage say 1.8V 5% will it affect the…

  • AD7091R-5

    The page 8 of AD7091R-5 datasheet describes VDrive as "The voltage range on this pin is 1.8 V to 5.25 V and may differ from the voltage range at VDD, but must never exceed it by more than 0.3 V", however AD7091R does not have this limitation.…

  • AD7091R-5 I2C Address Control

    Dear All:

    AD7091R-5 table 8. Slave Addresses show AS0 & AS1 pin same time It's can NC ,If ESD conductive test or a lot of noise around the motor ,will it be disturbed by noise or act abnormally? have any suggest to me refer. thnaks



  • RE: AD7091R Power Up from Power-Down Mode

    My apologies, I meant the AD7091R-8.

    For the above ADC, assuming start in a powered down state, if I change power mode via spi transactions (!CONVST unasserted), do I then need to assert !CONVST or can I just wait some duration? (Datasheet mentions typical…

  • AD7091R


    By using external reference would it increase measurement accuracy ?

    If so, which reference IC is recommended ?

  • AD7091R weirdness


    I have a AD7091R application which is outputting 'improperly justified data' at lack of a better description. The first bit shifted out doesn't appear to be the MSB, rather the results of a previous conversion - the 8th bit shifted out appears to…

  • AD7091R-5 I2C


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer give us a question. There is a MOSFET inside SDA pin of AD7091R-5. On the other hand, is there NO MOSFET inside SCL pin of AD7091R-5? According to Table 5, we couldn't see Open-drain output about SCL as follows.…

  • AD7091R: FAQs

    Can the ADC inputs exceed the reference voltage or go below ground?


    The ADC inputs should not exceed the reference voltage or go below ground by
    more than 0.3V
    as this may result in the ADC being damaged. If this is a common condition then

  • AD7091R-5 driver


    I can't see a download link for your AD7091R-5 driver for Linux anywhere. I looked here: AD7091R5 ADC Linux Driver [Analog Devices Wiki] 

    Can someone please provide a link?



  • AD7091R Evaluation Software


    I'm having issues with AD7091R GUI. It's keep "Waiting for transfer from Controller" as shown in below. Please advise how to get rid of this message box. How long does it take to finish this process?