• AD7091R-8 max sampling rate limited to 125 kHz


    I am trying to run an AD7091R-8 at maximum sampling rate at 1 MSPS. But if sampling rate exceeds 125 kHz the adc output is corrupted - busy output show no response or is held high to next conversion. Further I recognized that the output is working…

  • looking for AD7091R-8 reliability data, link on website broken?

    I am trying to get FIT rate for AD7091R-8, but the link on the AD website doesn't seem to be working? I get garbage in the window instead of product links. Is there a particular browser that is needed? Thanks! ~Susan


  • Ask a question about AD7091R-8


    As you know, the maximum throughput rate of AD7091R-8 is 1Msps.In the condition of all 8 channels enabled by internal sequencer, convert from channel 0 to channel 7 sequently, what’t the actual throughput rate? Is it still 1Msps or down to 1Msps/8…

  • RE: AD7091R-5 using internal reference

    Hi Rabbs,

          I don't have the AD7091R-4 evaluation board with me. But I am using the AD7091R-8 evaluation board that is very similar. When you launch the software, the default is 1 channel which is CH0. You need to write to the register to enable the…

  • Are there ways to reduce the component count associated with a solution containing the      AD7091R-2/4/8?

    Yes, an excellent solution is to take advantage of the Mux Out / ADC In feature that allows for a buffer amplifier at the output of the multiplexer instead of the traditional solution that may require a buffer per channel.  The post-multiplexer buffer…

  • Faulty values being read on AD7091R-8


    We are using AD7091R-8 to read 3 signals on 3 channels. We are able to enable channel sequencer and read back the correct channel ID values.

    However, the conversion value is not correct. If only one channel is enabled and val;ues are read, the data…

  • AD7091R-8 ADC conversion result

    Hello AD,

    I'm working on AD7091R-8 evaluation board.

    Currently I have enabled 3 channels out of 8.

    I'm using the channel sequencer for reading the conversion results.

    When I'm  reading the conversion result of the enabled channels,I'm getting…

  • RE: AD7091R-4


    Kindly check this link. https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/user-guides/EVAL-AD7091R-2_AD7091R-4_AD7091R-8SDZ_UG-633.pdf 

    This user guide contains step-by-step procedures on how to use the AD7091R evaluation.



  • RE: AD7091R-8

    Hi Mistr,

       Here is what I suggest you can try. After power up, make sure that to initialize the AD7091R-8 properly. Please refer to the Power On Device Initialization section of the datasheet.

       The AD7091R-8 default channel conversion is channel 0. a…

  • RE: AD7091R-8 Question

    Hi HOD,

       It is recommended to perform reset on the AD7091r-8 after power up. This will place the part in default including the registers. In reading or writing to the AD7091r-8 register, CS must be low. When trying to read a register there is delay, like…