• looking for AD7091R-8 reliability data, link on website broken?

    I am trying to get FIT rate for AD7091R-8, but the link on the AD website doesn't seem to be working? I get garbage in the window instead of product links. Is there a particular browser that is needed? Thanks! ~Susan


  • AD7091R-8 problem

    hi every one,

    I have problem to run AD7091R-8, I use fpga to use this ADC but when I initialize the ADC and set the registers and then I want to read back the registers to verify them. but there is no signal in SDO pin, I think maybe the IC didn't receive…

  • Faulty values being read on AD7091R-8


    We are using AD7091R-8 to read 3 signals on 3 channels. We are able to enable channel sequencer and read back the correct channel ID values.

    However, the conversion value is not correct. If only one channel is enabled and val;ues are read, the data…

  • AD7091r-8无法采集数据

    对AD7091r-8进行寄存器写,并读回都正确,唯独进行数据采集是没有输出,发出采集命令0x00XX后,sdo返回为0;对CHANNEL SEQUENCER进行写操作后,也没有输出,读CHANNEL SEQUENCER为写入数据。实在不解?

  • AD7091R-8 Mux


    Please let me know about Ron of multiplexer. in AD7091R-8.

    For example,  the datasheet of  AD7329 which the device is like AD7091R-8 ( Muxout -> ADC in) describes  below

      MUXOUT+ Capacitance (datasheet P. 6)

      Resistance including  on resistance…

  • AD7091R-8

    I'm trying to set up communication with AD7091R-8. In setup I send following SPI command: 0X0CFF, 0X08FF, 0XFFFF, 0XFFFF, 0X00FF. Then I periodically send 0X0020 and I'm trying to read channel 5. I'd like to read one channeland them sequential readings…

  • AD7091R-8 : settling time


    I have some questions about AD7091R-8.

    The AD7091R-8 has a MUXout pin.


    How long settling time is necessary for output of Muxout pin after the channel register is written?


    It is a question about the MUXout when the same channel is…

  • AD7091R-8 Question



    I have a question AD7091R-8.


    【Question 1】
    What happens to the conversion result if I repeat the above sequence during sequencer operation?
    At this time, reset is not performed.

    [Situation that is occurring]
    Search result data is acquired with…

  • AD7091R-8 read/write


    Please let me know  below  about read/write of AD7091R-8

    1:  I would like to read  conversion result of particular channel only  without use of sequencer.
    Should I use the method  described in datasheet P.35  Figure 54. Channel Sequencer Multiple Channel…

  • AD7091R-8 Channel Register


    I have a question AD7091R-8.

    This is how to set the channel register.
    Which of the following two is correct? Or are they different?

    ① First set the Address (including R / W). The lower 10 bits are set to '0' → Next Channel Register is set. For example…