• AD7091R: VREF to power others parts of a circuit

    Can I use the reference output on the AD7091R as the reference for other parts
    of my circuit?


    Figure 14 in the data sheet shows the reference output voltage under various
    load conditions and temperatures. The reference voltage reduces with increasing…

  • AD7091R: Second /CONVST pulse occurs before the end of conversion point

    If a second /CONVST pulse occurs before the end of conversion point, EOC, what
    will happen.  Will the first request be cancelled and a new conversion begun?


    Once a conversion is started by pulling the /CONVST pin low if the /CONVST pin
    is brought…

  • Request the format top marking for AD7091R-8BCPZ-RL7

    Please provide the format top marking for AD7091R-8BCPZ-RL7. Thank you,

  • AD7091R-2 sequencer not working correctly


    I have an AD7091R-2 that I am using via SPI.  I am trying to understand why the channel sequencer does not give results in sequence.

    I'm writing 0x03 to the channel register to enable both channels.  I can read this value back from the register…

  • AD7091R-5

    The page 8 of AD7091R-5 datasheet describes VDrive as "The voltage range on this pin is 1.8 V to 5.25 V and may differ from the voltage range at VDD, but must never exceed it by more than 0.3 V", however AD7091R does not have this limitation.…

  • AD7091R-4通信问题


  • RE: AD7091R-2,-4 External Ref Input Range

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  • Why after every conversion of AD7091R is the MSB of the conversion result always “0”?

    If the communication timing is ok this is usually due to the time between the /CONVST start pulse going low and reading back the conversion. The conversion time is 650ns maximum. If the  result is read back before this time has elapsed then it is possible…

  • After powering up the AD7091R why does the conversion result change after approximately 60   samples have completed?

    After power-up ensure that the software reset as outlined in the data sheet is completed. A software reset initializes the AD7091R and ensures correct conversion results. The device will  eventually initialize correctly after a certain number of conversions…