• RE: AD7091R-4 EVKit install question

    Hi fly2358,

           Apoligies on that. I'd like to ask some infirmarion ro understand the current set up you have.

         What is the operating system of your machine? The kit has a power supply wallwart to power up the board, has the board have power?


  • RE: wanted to ask a question about on-chip conversion clock in AD7091R-4

    Hi Sumbal-Maham,

           The on-chip conversion clock is internal to the AD7091R-4. This clock operates during the conversion cycle of the AD7091R-4.  The On-Chip conversion clock is independent of the SCLK. SCLK is used in the communication interface to read…

  • Are there ways to reduce the component count associated with a solution containing the      AD7091R-2/4/8?

    Yes, an excellent solution is to take advantage of the Mux Out / ADC In feature that allows for a buffer amplifier at the output of the multiplexer instead of the traditional solution that may require a buffer per channel.  The post-multiplexer buffer…

  • AD7091R-4 Chip Select

    For a simple SPI bus in which the AD7091R-4 and an FPGA are the only devices on the bus, is it possible to leave CS permanently grounded? 

  • AD7091r

    Can the ADC inputs exceed the reference voltage or go below ground?


    The ADC inputs should not exceed the reference voltage or go below ground by
    more than 0.3V as this may result in the ADC being damaged. If this is a common condition then

  • BAD conversion results AD7091R without BUSY indicator


    I try to get my AD7091R on its eval board working.

    I have an MCU attached to CONVST / CS / CLK signals and I use an oscilloscope to monitor everything.

    I think there is something wrong with SDO output and my datasheet understanding. Some screenshot…

  • 关于 ADC采样芯片AD7091R-4 配合 放大器ADA4805-1 初次使用中碰到的问题

    1. 测试板原理图如下





  • AD7091R SPI question

    We are planning to use the AD7091R in a mobile low power distance measurement
    device. We need a data throughput of 1MSMP/S. My question is if it is possible
    to readout the data by SPI during a conversion. At the datasheets there are
    only examples…

  • Question about AD7091R-2 SDI Timing


    Assuming from the timing diagram tssdisclk and thsdisclk, SDI data seems to be taken into the registers on the rising edge of the SCLK. 

    Is the description (blue line) of SDI in the datasheet incorrect?