• AD7091R-4通信问题


  • AD7091R-4 Malfunctioning



    I am validating a design using a AD7091R-4 ADC and some errors are coming up. This component has been used in 12 boards, and all 12 of them are showing the same problem. Might it be due to a faulty batch?


    When the system is turned ON it might…

  • no-OS reference driver for AD7091R-4 ADC


    I searched the git tree at GitHub - analogdevicesinc/no-OS: Software drivers for systems without OS for the no-OS driver for AD7091R-2/4/8 ADC and I couldn't find it there on any branch.  There is a driver called AD7091R, but it doesn't support…

  • AD7091R-4 offset


    Could you give me your advice about value of offset error of AD7091R-4 ?

    Datasheet says +-1.5mV offset error at internal reference.

    What is value of offset error at  5V external reference ?

    As the result of test, offset error is about 1LSB at…

  • AD7091R-4 Chip Select

    For a simple SPI bus in which the AD7091R-4 and an FPGA are the only devices on the bus, is it possible to leave CS permanently grounded? 

  • AD7091R-4 SPI Sample Code for Altera's FPGA


    Now I'm designing my product by using AD7091R-4 and Altera FPGA.

    I find the Altera FPGA's sample code for AD7091R on ADI wilki but it's only single channel and without controlling SDI pin.

    So I would like to ask whether do you have…

  • AD7091R-2,-4 External Ref Input Range



    I have a question , AD7091R-2,-4 External Reference Input range.

    There is 1.0 - Vdd V in Page 3 , at dataseat

    But , there is 2.5 - Vdd in Page 18 , at dataseat.


    I think external reference input range is 1.0 - Vdd .

    Which is correct?


  • Are there ways to reduce the component count associated with a solution containing the      AD7091R-2/4/8?

    Yes, an excellent solution is to take advantage of the Mux Out / ADC In feature that allows for a buffer amplifier at the output of the multiplexer instead of the traditional solution that may require a buffer per channel.  The post-multiplexer buffer…

  • AD7091R-5

    The page 8 of AD7091R-5 datasheet describes VDrive as "The voltage range on this pin is 1.8 V to 5.25 V and may differ from the voltage range at VDD, but must never exceed it by more than 0.3 V", however AD7091R does not have this limitation.…