• AD7091R-2,-4 External Ref Input Range



    I have a question , AD7091R-2,-4 External Reference Input range.

    There is 1.0 - Vdd V in Page 3 , at dataseat

    But , there is 2.5 - Vdd in Page 18 , at dataseat.


    I think external reference input range is 1.0 - Vdd .

    Which is correct?


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    Dear Specialists,

             Now we use AD7091R-2 dual channels in design. We follow the reference code and Channel 1 can run OK but can not get right output data from channel 2. So we try to slow down the converting time step by step, when the converting time…

  • Inquiry of AD7091R-2 SPI SDI

    Dir Sir,

    Would you help to clarify the SPI timing diagram Fig.4 below in datasheet ? It seems the SDI acquired on rising edge that is conflicted with description of  pin function Table 5 on page 8. Thanks.

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    How do I configurate that to happen?

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    Yes, an excellent solution is to take advantage of the Mux Out / ADC In feature that allows for a buffer amplifier at the output of the multiplexer instead of the traditional solution that may require a buffer per channel.  The post-multiplexer buffer…

  • AD7091R-5

    The page 8 of AD7091R-5 datasheet describes VDrive as "The voltage range on this pin is 1.8 V to 5.25 V and may differ from the voltage range at VDD, but must never exceed it by more than 0.3 V", however AD7091R does not have this limitation.…

  • RE: AD7091R Evaluation Software

    Hi Rekha,

    Can you confirm if there is any power getting to the AD7091R-2 board? There are two LEDs in the "Power Management" section called "PWR-IN" and "PWR-GOOD" that don't appear to be lit up.



  • is there any simulation model for AD7091R ? I want to use a FPGA to connect to AD7091R to get data

    is there any simulation model for AD7091R ? I want to use a FPGA to connect to  AD7091R to get data

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    Please find attached ADC interface schematic

    Please find below SPI communication with my PIC controller

    I am using the 12Bit ADC AD7091R-2 for RTD and 4-20mA transducer interface.

    I am not getting the Reference Output of 2.5V form the pin of REF…

  • ad7091R

    1. i want to read from channel 1 to 4 how can i  do it

    2.i want to do in sequence how can i  do it