• RE: is there any simulation model for AD7091R ? I want to use a FPGA to connect to AD7091R to get data

    Are there any plans for VHDL or Verilog behavioral models for this device in the near future?

  • stm32 SPI Reading from AD7091R

    Hello friends,
    We used the CN-0336 reference design for our analog input module design. There is AD7091R 12-bit ADC on this design. I searched the documents of the relevant design and tried to read the design that we made specifically for the time diagrams…

  • AD7091R weirdness


    I have a AD7091R application which is outputting 'improperly justified data' at lack of a better description. The first bit shifted out doesn't appear to be the MSB, rather the results of a previous conversion - the 8th bit shifted out appears to…

  • AD7091R: FAQs

    Can the ADC inputs exceed the reference voltage or go below ground?


    The ADC inputs should not exceed the reference voltage or go below ground by
    more than 0.3V
    as this may result in the ADC being damaged. If this is a common condition then

  • AD7091R Evaluation Software


    I'm having issues with AD7091R GUI. It's keep "Waiting for transfer from Controller" as shown in below. Please advise how to get rid of this message box. How long does it take to finish this process?



  • RE: AD7091R-5 GPO1、2 Attributes


    GPO1 and GPO2 are CMOS (push/pull) type outputs.  Note that the GPO1 is only available in command or autocycle modes.  IN sample mode GPO1 is configured as the CNVST input which is CMOS as well.


  • AD7091R SPI question

    We are planning to use the AD7091R in a mobile low power distance measurement
    device. We need a data throughput of 1MSMP/S. My question is if it is possible
    to readout the data by SPI during a conversion. At the datasheets there are
    only examples…

  • AD7091R-5

    The page 8 of AD7091R-5 datasheet describes VDrive as "The voltage range on this pin is 1.8 V to 5.25 V and may differ from the voltage range at VDD, but must never exceed it by more than 0.3 V", however AD7091R does not have this limitation.…

  • RE: ad7091R


    You absolutely can read from channel 0 to channel 3 (1-4) in sequential order.   Assuming you are using the AD7091R-4, you can simply program the channel register (ADDR = 0x01) with code 0x000F to enable channels 0 to 3 for conversion.  

    If you…

  • AD7091R


    By using external reference would it increase measurement accuracy ?

    If so, which reference IC is recommended ?