• Are there IBIS models available for the AD7091 LFCSP package?

    Are there IBIS models available for the AD7091 LFCSP package?


    There is currently no IBIS model available for the AD7091. There is a AD7091R
    IBIS model for the MSOP package that can be downloaded at the following link:
  • Problems with AD7091

    Good day! I have several questions about AD7091.

    1) How to make a software reset correctly? We are thinking that documentation is written not so accurate in some points.

    2) What exactly will be with AD7091 if we won’t do software reset?

    3) Additionally…

  • AD7091-R8







  • RE: AD7091 - Software Reset

    Hi Christian,

          The AD7091 recommends to have a software reset after the first power up. It is not necessary to have the software reset after the part wakes up from the power down by driving the CONVST high then a new conversion can be initiated by driving…

  • Is it possible to get a PCB footprint for the AD7091?

    Is it possible to get a PCB footprint for the AD7091?


    Yes a .bxl file for the AD7091 can be downloaded from
    This file can…
  • AD7091 SPI mode


    I would like to read data from AD7091 using ARDUINO MEGA 2560.

    As I am new to SPI ADC & Arduino,

    My doubts : 1) Which mode SPI to be used for AD7091.

    2) is there a sample code in C or VHDL for AD7091 ?

    Any help shall help me to make progress…

  • RE: ad7091 software reset

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • AD7091 - connection to /CS pin


    With respect to the /CS pin on the AD7091, is this basically an output enable (e.g. can I always leave it on if I want to)?”

    Can this pin be tied to ground indefinitely?

    Any input or feedback is welcomed and appreciated!



  • RE: Any sample code available for AD7923?

    Hi ,

      You can check and download software driver from this AD7091 Wiki page link



  • AD7091 max analog input range ?


    I plan to use AD7091R-8  with VDD and Vdrive to 3.3V and use embedded 2V5 voltage reference.

    some of the circuits i want to measure use drivers with low impedance and powered with 5V. Even if I can adjust operating scale of these circuits to 2…