• Spice Model & Input Range of AD694

    Hi sir,

    Can you please provide the Spice model for LD694 0–20 mA Transmitter..

    And also in datasheet mentioned like this Precalibrated Input Ranges: 0 V to 2 V, 0 V to 10 V. this device will support Vin- 0V to 5V...

    Can you please clarify

  • AD694 - 4-20mA Monolithic Current Transmitter - Failure in field

    Dear Team,

    After FAR analysis of AD694 - its found that the units has failed due to Electrically Induced Physical Damage (EIPD) as evidenced by damaged passivation layer and burnt/reflowed metallization directly connected on the pins of the units with…

  • AD694: Bandwidth of buffer and IC

    Inquiry Description:

    I'm using the AD694 4-20mA Transmiter and I would like to know its bandwidth.
    I've read the datasheet and it says that the buffer amplifier has a frequency
    response of 300 kHz, but I'm not sure if this applies…

  • AD694 Output protection

    Hello everyone,

    I am using an AD694 in a (4-20mA) design and was thinking of having over voltage protection on the output. The overvoltage protection would be a BAS70-04L dual schottky diode. Wired in the conventional way, pin 2 (Cathode) to Vs, (Vs=+15Volts…



    Could you help me with the LTspice model of the AD694?

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  • RE: 求教:关于AD694

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  • RE: AD694 Bandwidth

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  • 求助:有没有什么芯片可以代替AD694?

    我需要将8路AD5305输出的电压信号转换成4-20mA的电流芯片,原来的方案是采用8片AD694,但是现在要对板子进行改进 ,8块AD694太占地方了,请问有没有什么芯片可以将进行多路电压电流转换,要求是能将AD5305输出电压信号转换成4-20mA电流