• AD693: Is there an AD693 RoHS version?

    Is it possible to get a lead free version of AD693?


    I had checked with the product line and there are NO plans to create a RoHS
    version of this product.

  • 关于AD693的封装。




  • RE: How can i design the 4ch signal conveter of pt100 sensor

    Hi, please take a look at the AD693, it will link your pt100 sensor to a 4-20mA output current.You will need one per channel.


    An Application note is…

  • The outputs of 'ad8495crmz' are different with AN1087

    Hi all

    I have designed a board with AD8495 and AD693 to measure temperature with a K-Type thermocouple,within the range of 0~400 degrees centigrade.When I use ICE bath to test this circuit,the results a totally frustrated me, cause when I change the…

  • RE: Part validity & Datasheet

    Hi Bharti,

    I cannot seem to be able to split your concern into a new forum so can you help post this AD693 question into a new Q&A under "Data Converters"?

  • RE: How does ADM693 shift the watchdog-timeout to?

    Hi Ren,

    Do you have the similar model as AD693?

    If you have it, then can you show the chart WD-time out vs supply voltage?

    The bench test you suggested is final way to report our customer I think.

    Thanks Kaos

  • RE: 类似AD5750,只需电压输出

    AD5751也是 电压输入, 4-20mA输出的变送器


    如果是模拟信号,还可以看一下AD693 AD694

  • 关于RTD温度测量电路的芯片选择


  • RE: App note-isolated loop powered 4-20 ma converter



    After your 26th june communication I have been going through various options to make an ISOLATED UNIVERSAL LOOP POWERED 4/20ma Converter.


    Everything stops at a place –THE ISOLATED DC-DC converter from  say AD693 ‘S REFERENCE VOLTAGE OUTPUT…

  • RE: Loop Powered Transmitter

    Hi Sagar,

    Are the two measurements independent? Current loops support a single transmitter and one or more receivers in. Some transmitters include their own power supply, and a loop-powered transmitter implies that you have a power source elsewhere in…