• AD6684-500EBZ test

    Hi all,

    I encounterd one problem while evaluating the ad6684 board.

    I want to see the amplitude and phase of the signal through FFT.

    However, since Canvas according to the board is fixed, i want to set it up using power/phase canvas,

    but i don't know…

  • AD6684 & ADS7-V2EBZ software interface


    I am getting data by ADS7-V2EBZ to get analog signal of AD6684. I am using visual analog and ACE software by referring to the user guide.

    By the way, I want to check the sample or fft data obtained by visual analog in real time, so I want to use labview…

  • Technical Assistance Request - AD6684-500EBZ (SO 863040)

    Dear Support Team,

    The customer has asked questions about part# AD6684-500EBZ. I have forwarded the inquiries from the customer as below. Could you please help to check and advise? Thanks.

    Per customer:

    We are preparing the measurement setting by looking…

  • AD6684/ADS7-V2EBZ measurement setup

    Hello, I'm Park Yeheon, a master's degree at Korea University

    I contacted you because I wanted to ask you a question about ADC.
    I would like to measure it using the ADC converter evaluation kit of the analog device as below. 

    I want to receive a…

  • AD6684-500EBZ Old version project needed


    Our customer requests a project for the old version of the eval board AD6684-500EBZ as they have such board on hand.

    They can download just a project for the new board from there https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/ad6684-500ebz?s[]=ad6684


  • AD6684 data acquisition with ADS7-V2EBZ using ethernet

    Respected Concern,

    we required to get the data from AD6684 eval board, getting data is easy with recommended data capturing board ADS7-V2EBZ but this board doesn't have any Ethernet port we want to send high speed data on Ethernet to another zynq back…

  • AD6684 S11 parameter

     Hello dear colleagues!

    My customer asked me about S-parameters AD6684.

    If you tested the AD6684 analog inputs  to measure S11 (VSWR),  can you give it?




  • AD9656EBZ and AD6684-500EBZ compatibility with FPGA capture boards.

    Hello, if i buy AD9656EBZ, I should use only HSC-ADC-EVALEZ, or i can use other capture kits? I wanna also buy AD6684-500EBZ, so i should use only ADS7-V2EBZ? Can i use both of this ADC boards with only one FPGA board?

  • RE: ad9680 spi2.1: AD9680 PLL UNLOCKED

    Hi All,

    I've cherry-picked the following commits into our 2019_R2 branch (https://github.com/PrecisionWave/linux/tree/2019_R2_PCW) to get the ad9680 working with the ad9208 driver:

    32af9cfdac0e iio: adc: ad9208: IIO_CHAN_INFO_SAMP_FREQ use chip de…

  • RE: AD9208 Capture Issue @ 2625MHz Clock with ACE and ADS7-V2EBZ

    Hi UmeshJ

    Yes for AD6684 spi programming from Matlab.

    But not for AD6684 data capture from Matlab.

    Please Advise