• Driver ad6676.c warnings

    There are 2 warnings in the ad6676.c driver compiling time:

    drivers/iio/adc/ad6676.c: In function 'ad6676_shuffle_setup':

    drivers/iio/adc/ad6676.c:408:11: warning: 'reg_val' may be used uninitialized in this function [-Wuninitialized]…

  • RE: Dual AD6676 design on Zynq Ultrascale+ doesn't go past CGS


    If you have two separate AD6676's that you are treating as one link (M=4) than you would need to also apply SYSREF to both devices (as well as FPGA) to align the LMFC of each of these devices.  The other option is to treat each AD6676 as their…

  • RE: ad6676.c Driver

    When I load AD's OS I see those messages:

    root@analog:~# dmesg | grep gt

    cf_axi_jesd204b_gt 44a60000.axi-jesd-gt-rx-tx: RX PLL NOT locked! (0xF0F4)

    cf_axi_jesd204b_gt 44a60000.axi-jesd-gt-rx-tx: AXI-JESD204B (6.00.b) at 0x44A60000 mapped to 0xf0100000…

  • RE: AD6676_EBZ - External Clock

    AD6676 driver can not set the ADC to work with external clock. I've modified the AD6676 driver and it works fine now.

  • RE: Migrating vc707&ad6676 Microblaze desgin to kc705_ad6676

    Hi Michael,

    I made related changes on the ad6676.c. I'm using "adi_mb_defconfig" for kernel compiling but This config has not ad6676 related line. ad6676 doesn't compiled and don't geberate .o file. I searched in linux directory and found "zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig…

  • RE: How to setup multiple AD6676s to run coherently

    Hello Ane,

    if SYSREF (SubClass 1) is not employed, we won't be able to run the converters in sync (coherently).

    Tony] correct. SYSREF+- is necessary and this SYSREF+- is sampled by internal DIG_CLK(=ADC_CLK/2) to SYNCHRONIZATION Circuitry…

  • AD6676 FAQ: Why are the performance specifications of the AD6676 different than the ones used to specify a typical ADC?

    I am familiar with typical ADC ac performance specifications such as SNR, SINAD, THD, SFDR, and ENOB when comparing ADC’s with each other. The AD6676 uses different specifications to quantify its ac performance characteristics. Why?

    Since the AD6676…

  • C driver with two AD6676


    We have a project with Xilinx evaluation board VC707 (with 2 FMC connectors) and two AD6676.

    There will be design with one Microblaze what will do default configuration and another stuff for these two AD6676 through SPI. Both JESD204 will be…

  • AD6676 Simulink Model

    I'm interested in using the AD6676 for a high bandwidth application that also requires high instantaneous dynamic range.

    It would be great to do some simulation (in Simulink) with the ADI provided files... but I'm running into a version compatibility…