• ADS7-V2EBZ with EVAL-AD6674


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer is looking for ADS7-V2EBZ reference design like this. He wants to evaluate AD6674. Could you help this?



  • ADL5569 with single end input and differential output to AD6674

    I'm designing an ADC circuit with 0-100Mhz single end input. suppose to use ADL5569 as input amplifier, which also convert the single end input to differential. as the DC signal have to be sampled, so the whole circuit is DC coupled.

    The AD6674 require…

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  • 关于AD6674评估版


  • RE: Some questions about AD6674

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  • Compare AD6674-LF 1000EBz vs  AD9680-LF1000EBZ / AD9234-LF 1000EBZ


    I am looking for Dual channel ADC eval board with 14 bit wide and sampling @ 1 GSPS. 

    Analog bandwidth is fine up-to 500 MHz. 

    Where I got several options 

    1) AD6674-LF1000EBZ vs AD9234-LF1000EBZ / AD9680-LF1000EBZ 

    For RF spectral data recording…

  • 关于AD6674的VDR功能的问题

    在公司看了一下AD6674的手册,其中有一个VDR的功能,是做DPD的时候用的,但是不明白为什么这种功能的好处是什么? 降低了有效位数,减小了动态范围,是为了换取更大的带宽吗? Thank you!


  • RE: Is the analog's hdl framework fine for my application?

    Hello Nils,

    The differences between AD9234 and AD9680 are highlighted at: Compare AD6674-LF 1000EBz vs  AD9680-LF1000EBZ / AD9234-LF 1000EBZ 

    Throughput needed by the ADC would be sampling rate x sample size (1gsps x 2bytes= 2GBps). ZC706 HP ports are…

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