• ad6649 lvds timing problem

    Hi, it is confusing me that ad6649 lvds timing

    AD6649 has d0 ~ d13 outputs and it is da and db.

    so, da is in adc out clk rising edge and db is in falling edge, I think.

    Is that true? or I think wrong? 

    Thank you for reading and please give details…

  • Use “AD9643-250EBZ” for AD6649

    The AD6649 product page includes “AD9643-250EBZ” as the Evaluation Board.
    Can the AD9643-250EBZ be used for AD6649 evaluation as well as AD9643?
    Do evaluators need to prepare AD6649 separately?

    Best regards
  • RE: AD6649第一级NCO问题

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  • RE: AD6649

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  • RE: AD6649, AD6655, AD6544 eval board differences

    Hi Jacob,

    You can find the FPGA code here (AD6655 FPGA code) to use as an example (note AD6655 shares the FPGA code with the AD9640).  This is only for example so please note the disclaimer included in the zip file.



  • RE: AD6649 FIR Filter Bandwidth

    Figure 40 is providing the frequency domain response of the AD6649.  The output of the AD6649 is indeed 14 bits.  What you see in Figure 40 is the FFT of those 14 digital bits that would be output from the AD6649.

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  • Decimation in AD6649


    Although it is stated overall that AD6649 has decimation/sampling rate conversion capabilities, I couldn't see a description of this feature in the documentation. Can you please guide me for the correct register settings of this feature.


  • Driving AD6649 with ADL5202


    I need to drive AD6649 with ADL5202 for a broadband application (20-600MHz). I have looked into the Data sheet and evaluation board examples but there are some discrepancies. Taking the examples as a guideline, I took out anti-aliasing filters, as…

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    I am working on evaluating the AD6649 ADC for use in a wideband Software Defined Radio application. I have the evaluation board and the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ interface board. For initial testing for wideband use everything is great. The problem comes when…