• AD6649 Evaluation


    I am working on evaluating the AD6649 ADC for use in a wideband Software Defined Radio application. I have the evaluation board and the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ interface board. For initial testing for wideband use everything is great. The problem comes when…

  • AD6649

    1,I do not know the purpose of the modular behind the ADC.2,why we multiply the ADC`s data to the NCO`s output,what kind of waveform is input to the mixer and output from the mixer.i always care about the frequency,data form3,whta kind of waveform is…

  • Decimation in AD6649


    Although it is stated overall that AD6649 has decimation/sampling rate conversion capabilities, I couldn't see a description of this feature in the documentation. Can you please guide me for the correct register settings of this feature.


  • Driving AD6649 with ADL5202


    I need to drive AD6649 with ADL5202 for a broadband application (20-600MHz). I have looked into the Data sheet and evaluation board examples but there are some discrepancies. Taking the examples as a guideline, I took out anti-aliasing filters, as…

  • Driving AD6649 with AD8370


    I need to drive AD6649 with AD8370 for a narrow band application in the frequency range 20-500MHz. Taking the examples as a guideline, I took out anti-aliasing filters, as the filtering is already done in the RF, and came up with the attached scheme…

  • Use “AD9643-250EBZ” for AD6649

    The AD6649 product page includes “AD9643-250EBZ” as the Evaluation Board.
    Can the AD9643-250EBZ be used for AD6649 evaluation as well as AD9643?
    Do evaluators need to prepare AD6649 separately?

    Best regards
  • AD6649 FIR Filter Bandwidth

    We are making a multi-channel receiver board using the AD6649. The data sheet states the filter can either be 95MHz or 100MHz. If we use a lower sampling frequency of 125 MHz this would halve the filter bandwidth correct?

    It would seem these bandwidths…

  • AD6649第一级NCO问题




  • AD6649, AD6655, AD6544 eval board differences


    I'm about to get an AD6655 eval board and I am wondering how it differs from the AD6649 and AD6654. Does it use the same software like SoftCell that I have used with the AD6654 in the past? These parts differ in band width. Is that the primary…

  • What is the minimum conversion rate for AD6649?


    In the data sheet for the AD6649 the minimum conversion rate is stated as 40 MSPS. Maybe the CLK+ and CLK- inputs are AC coupled to block DC. But I would like the AD6649 CLK inputs to work as low as 30 MHz or lower. I tried using an old function…