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  • RE: Trace lengths and widths for impedance matching


    The AD6645 I/O are CMOS, ~100MHz, so the trace design will not be so critical as long as they are less than a few inches (<6).  You can copy the traces from the layout of the product evaluation boards , The files for the AD6645 are located at…

  • RE: ADC EVB interface with Blackfin EZ-Extender

    The EZ-Extender to DSP Supported HSC Evaluation Board list mentions the AD6645/PCB. The AD6645-80/PCBZ and AD6645-105/PCBZ are availible. Will these newer versions work with the EZ-Extender?

    Alternatively, could anyone reccomend me an ADC evaluation…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    上海 张衡路239号 我做数据采集与测试设备 关注AD7674&AD6645等ADC产品

  • AD6645ASVZ-105 Digital Output Current & driver condition

    Hi all,

    In the AD6645 Rev. E datasheet,

    Absolute Maximum Ratings @ page 7,

    Digital Output Current : 4 mA

    We think this is continuous currents.

    Is it rating of total pin or each pin ?

    Is it true ?

    Digital Outputs @ page 18,

    10 mA (10 pF × 1 V ÷ 1 ns…

  • AD9433: Driving the encode

    1 - can you clarify which is the best configuration to drive the Encode
    pins considering that they have a 2,5V LVPECL available?


    The ENCODE and ENCODE inputs are internally biased to 3.75 V (nominal), and
    support either differential or single…

  • High Speed ADC with Bipolar Analog Input


       I required an high speed ADC with bipolar analog input ranging from -V to +V. I was considering AD9042 but later on it came to my notice that it does not take in bipolar analog input. So, right now I am considering the following ADC's for the…

  • RE: AD8351 - Gain Calculation for ADC Driving Application


    to my knowledge RL is the load which the AD8351 has to drive. Description for figure 40 states a 1kOhm input impedance of the AD6645. The gain diagrams (over frequency and over RG)  have this value as additional parameter, hence you should have…

  • 关于AD9230的使用