• AD6645输出二进制补码


       那实际分辨率是13位,计算实际值时每一位代表的值 LSB= 1.1 / 2^13  这样理解对吗?


    2. 0V此时对应代码是00_0000_0000_00000吗?还是全为1

  • RE: FPGA Reference Design for AD6644/AD6645 and AD9764 Data Converters

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    We design a data acquisition system and noticed an overshoot with a ~3us time constant in the ADC data. It is a small effect but it biases our data quality. I spent some time in identifying the source of the time constant.

    The source of the time constant…

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    I use AD6645 evaluation board which has 105 MHz cyrstal to sample analog signal. I send sampled signal to a computer and plot that. The signal below which is at 200 KHz is sampled by AD6645 . The sine wave is generated by Agilent waveform generator…

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    I have purchased AD6645 evaluation board and trying to get data from it,

    I want to ask some questions. The board is equipped according to the AC coupled analog input configuration. Should I terminate the analog input SMA connection by R2=50 or…

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    I would like to calculate the noise expected when using an AD6645 in an undersampling application, to sample a signal at 180 MHz using a 55 MHz sample rate.

    Could you tell me a reference that shows me the contributions to noise and the calculations needed…