• AD6644: Vref load current

    He wants to know, how accurate the internal reference from the AD6644 is, and
    how much current it can drive. He wants to use it for other parts, too.
    Therefore he needs a current of 100uA out of the internal reference. Is this



  • AD6644: Eval Board usage

    I have recently purchased the 6620 and it's ev board and I am
    having some problems getting it to work! I am using the 6644 ADC
    and it's ev board so it just plugs straight in. The jumper (99)
    is connected, the 6644 has a 5V supply and the…

  • AD6644: Decoupling/grounding recommendations

    We are using an AD6644 ADC. The data sheet does not stated which GND pins
    are associated with the
    analogue or the digital sections. Please can you tell me.
    Furthermore, could you send any PCB layout/Grounding recommendations when
    using this device…

  • RE: FPGA Reference Design for AD6644/AD6645 and AD9764 Data Converters

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

    Thank you,
  • AD6644 - Variable clock frequency

    Hi there,

    I have a question regarding the AD6644 converter. Is it possible to use it with a clock whose frequency varies? Can the device work under this operating condition and what would the max conversion rate be?

    I am available for a private discussion…

  • Minimum Frequency of Inputs for AD9214 and AD6644

      Good morning.  I have a customer inquiring as to how low the freqeuncy of a signal can be to drive the analog inputs of the AD9214-105 and the AD6644-65.  He needs to be able to accommodate some signals that will be in the range from 50KHz - 100KHz.

  • AD6645: Selection of resistor values

    In the EVM you use two banks of resistor before and after the latches. Does the
    board work with values between 33 and 47 ohm for RN1 and RN3?


    The board will be functional with all values of resistors up to the 470ohms.
    The higher resistance…

  • AD9240: Maximum allowed power supply ripple

    What's the maximum ripple voltage for Analog Supply (+5V, AVDD).
    AD9240 is used in differential mode.


    The spec allows a tolerance of +/-5% on the supply but this only refers to DC.
    The AD9240 is a high speed 10Msps ADC and as such the supplies…