• AD6643: How to select the modes of AD6643?

    1)In the AD6643 datasheet, there are two modes of the Interleaved Parallel LVDS
    Mode and the Channel Multiplexed (Even/Odd) LVDS Mode available. I would like
    to know how to select the modes. But I can not find the dedicated register for
  • AD6643 driving circuit


    It's the first time I'm designing a board with fast ADCs and I would like some assistance.

    The signal to be digitized (single ended) is coming from a 50 Ohm cable, it has pulse width about

    10-15us and a repetition rate in order of Hz…

  • AD9523怎么利用SPIController配置时钟

    AD9643, AD9613, AD6649, or AD6643 Family Evaluation Board and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ Data Capture Board的内部时钟AD9523怎么利用SPI Controller配置产生250MSPS的采样率

  • AD9523

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    For  AD9643, AD9613, AD6649, or AD6643 Family Evaluation Board and HSC-ADC-EVALCZ, how to configure the Internal AD9523 to configure SPI controller to Generate 250MSPS Sample Rate


  • Query about AD6643's NSR

    Hello, supporter

    I use AD6643 as IF sampling ADC. Attached is the results when NSR enabled and disabled.

    Not sure whether the results are correct...

    The sampling rate is 125MSPS, while the analog input is 156.25MHz/+-12.5MHz.

    Could you please help…

  • RE: 频率转换功能IC



  • RE: High speed ADC layout considerations

    Hi Yiannis,

    It is a bit difficult to discern from the words and pictures exactly how you have the ground planes, but keeping them isolated to avoid returning currents would be a good way to design.  A 'star-type' ground and power connection provides good…

  • RE: 关于AD10200空余脚的处理

    AD10200第1引脚用于增加两模拟输入通道隔离引脚。如果某模拟输入端不使用,建议将两差分端接到固定共模电压上。采样时钟引脚为 TTL/CMOS compatible引脚。AD10200是比较老的产品。如果您想选一款中频采样ADC,推荐您使用AD6643/9。这是ADI比较新的产品,价格也比AD10200便宜很多。

  • What is the input frequency range of AD9643 Evaluation board ?


    I bought a AD9643 evaluation board and its data capture board for my experiment related to RF.

    I read a datasheet of AD9643 dozens of times, but I do not know about the input frequency range of AD9643.

    In my experiment with AD9643 with evlauation…

  • Driving the AD9643 250MSPS


    I'm having some questions about the AD9643 ADC driver. I'm designing an ADC board with wideband input in baseband (0-100MHz, althougt it's really 2-100MHz). The previous stage must to be an DVGA, in particular I was thinking to use the AD8376…