• RE: AD6641 corrupted data


    Sorry, I should have clarified that the min 50Msps sample rate is verified from the AD9434 data sheet, which has the same ADC core but not the FIFO memory features:



  • AD6641

    I am having issues getting the AD6641 ADC data back to a host computer via SPI.  I can read and write to registers and get expected values (e.g., I can set the FILL_CNT in register 0x104 and read back that it's the correct value, I can read the CHIP_ID…

  • RE: AD6641 FIFO Status is 0 after dump

    Hi, we are trying to setup the part in our lab. We will get back to you soon.

  • questions about AD6641

    1. What is the formula between the analog input voltage signal and the data AD6641  collection? That I did not find in the manual.

    2, if the crystal (the output is 2.5V sine wave frequency 500M) acquisition offer AD6641 clock, can we? If the phase of…

  • AD6641 FIFO reading problem


    I have a strange problem with my AD6641 (ADC with 16k FIFO). When I read the data through my STM32 Board, the data seems to end at some point (reproducible) after that the data is like noise. I have a test signal source of 1 MHz. Here is what it…

  • AD6641的使用问题



  • AD6641 : two's complement data format

    Hello ,

    I have a question about AD6641 from our customer.

    He wants to receive the output data as two's complement format.

    So he set "01" to 0x14[1:0] register.

    But he could not get two's complement format data from AD6641.

    He said…

  • AD6641 Saga Part 2

    Redesigned a board with pullups on the FILL± pins from the last EZ interaction, having issues again Disappointed


    1. When I have the clock enabled upon power-up, I am seeing that the 0x10A register at reset reads 0x04 ("FIFO Overrange"). 

  • AD6641 Datasheet wrong default value for register

    Dear ADI-Team, 

    regarding AD6641 Datasheet, page 21. 

    Is the default value for register OUTPUT_PHASE correct? I think it should be 0 and not 0x03.

    Thanks for your help, 


  • AD6641 not responding and heating up


    I have a problem with my custom PCB and the AD6641. I made a PCB according to the reference design with 3-wire SPI. But I don't get any response. I provide the 500 MHz clock LVPECL signal and the supplies but the IC is just getting hot (around 65…