• AD6620 status

    I have noticed on Analog website that the AD6620 has the mention "Not
    Recommended for New Designs". Does it mean that this part will be obsolete
    shortly ? If so when will it be obsolete. Is there an alernative ?


    AD6620 is…
  • AD6620's RCF

    If I want to use AD6620's RCF as a Full Pass Filter. What coefficent should I
    write to AD6620? Whether I can disable the RCF Filter?


    You should configure the RCF for 1 coefficient and set the value of the 1
    coefficient to positive…
  • How to communicate with ad6620?

    How can i program or communicate with AD6620? Or How can i control the AD6620 features?

  • AD6620 replacement

    Hi All,

    One of my customer is using AD6620 now.

    Web site says that it is not recommended for new design.

    Could you advise us which device can be used as its replacement?

    Best Regards,


  • Which software and protocol used for Programming of AD6620?

    How to control the internal register and get data through which software and protocol use for AD6620?  

  • AD6620: figure2 x axis datasheet error

    In the 3rd page of the datasheet, I think there is a problem with the x axis
    labelling on the plots in fig 2b and 2c?          


    You are correct that there is an issue in the plot.  The problem is that the x
    axis in the figures is not correctly…
  • AD6640 Evaluation Board Connected To The AD6620

    Do you have the application note on how to connect AD6640 EVB to AD6620 EVB?


    Please see the attached note : AD6640 Evaluation Board Connected To The AD6620
    Evaluation Board.
  • AD8138+AD9244+AD6620的结构如何替换?


  • AD8138+AD9244+AD6620的结构如何替换


  • How to connect 1.8V ADC (AD9650) to 3.3V DDC (AD6620)

    Hi everyone, since the output level of AD9650 is 1.8V, how to connect it to AD6620 with 3.3V input