• AD640 & AD8015Noise density

    Hey engineers!

    I`m actually working on my Master Thesis which is concerned with an Laser Range Finder for Space proposes.

    The AD640 logarithmic amplifier is used to measure the current from an avalanche photo diode (APD) and the AD8015 creates a current…

  • SPICE Model Library for AD640


    You can send me Spice Model Library for AD640 " AD640.lib".

    In orcad we found AD640.olb no AD640.lib.



    Thank you very much...

  • SPICE Model Library for AD640


    You can send me Spice Model Library for AD640 " AD640.lib".

    Thank you very much...

  • How to use individual stages of AD640?


    My application involves suppressing the dynamic range of a detector. We have considered AD640 for this.

    AD640 consist of 5 cascaded dc-coupled stages, but i wish to use each of this stages individually.

    Kindly tell how can i use the 5 stages individually…

  • RE: Replacement for SL532 low phase shift limiter

    Take a look at the following parts on Analog.com:

    • AD640
    • AD641 (similar design to AD640 but faster)
    • AD606
    • AD8309
    • AD8306 (modified version of AD8309 with military/aerospace version)

    The most versatile device (highest frequency range, highest…

  • RE: Log Amp Recommendation?


    "FWHM" is "full width half maximum"... In other words, the pulse width measured at one-half of its peak value.

    AD640BE Status: Production 20 ld LCC 20 Ind Tube, 54
  • Part Status Confirmation

    hello Analog,

    I need your support,

     We are looking this part number "AD640BD"  at this link https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad640.html#product-samplebuy. we are unable to locate Exact part number. could you please tell us the part validity…

  • Confirm die markings to top markings

    We have P/N AD641AP with Date Codes 0043, 0045, 0313, and 0320. The Die (wafer) marking found on all devices is AD640 ADI  M  1988. The back side injector had PHILIPPINES with various numbers such as 04,07 etc. which varies but not unusual to see. If someone…

  • AD8310 slope temperature stability

    Hi there,


    We are busy with a cost saving exercise on one of our design. Part of the change is moving from a dual AD640 log amp set to a single AD8310.

    The AD8310 gives a RSSI slope variations of 23.8 mV/dB at 10 MHz to ~ 22.8 mV/dB at 400 MHz (Figure…

  • RE: AD539

    Good morning Martin,

    For devices outside my sphere of responsibility I use product-searches, ours if I think we might make the widget I'm looking for. In this instance I was successful and can direct you to the link below, but bear in mind I don't cover…