• SPICE Model Library for AD640


    You can send me Spice Model Library for AD640 " AD640.lib".

    In orcad we found AD640.olb no AD640.lib.



    Thank you very much...

  • RE: SPICE Model Library for AD640

    Hi Jim

    Thank you for your answer
    But in
    orcad we found AD640.olb no AD640.lib.


  • RE: Replacement for SL532 low phase shift limiter

    Take a look at the following parts on Analog.com:

    • AD640
    • AD641 (similar design to AD640 but faster)
    • AD606
    • AD8309
    • AD8306 (modified version of AD8309 with military/aerospace version)

    The most versatile device (highest frequency range, highest…

  • How to use individual stages of AD640?


    My application involves suppressing the dynamic range of a detector. We have considered AD640 for this.

    AD640 consist of 5 cascaded dc-coupled stages, but i wish to use each of this stages individually.

    Kindly tell how can i use the 5 stages individually…

  • RE: AD640 & AD8015Noise density

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • Part Status Confirmation

    hello Analog,

    I need your support,

     We are looking this part number "AD640BD"  at this link https://www.analog.com/en/products/ad640.html#product-samplebuy. we are unable to locate Exact part number. could you please tell us the part validity…

  • RE: Log Amp Recommendation?


    "FWHM" is "full width half maximum"... In other words, the pulse width measured at one-half of its peak value.

    AD640BE Status: Production 20 ld LCC 20 Ind Tube, 54
  • Confirm die markings to top markings

    We have P/N AD641AP with Date Codes 0043, 0045, 0313, and 0320. The Die (wafer) marking found on all devices is AD640 ADI  M  1988. The back side injector had PHILIPPINES with various numbers such as 04,07 etc. which varies but not unusual to see. If someone…

  • AD8310 slope temperature stability

    Hi there,


    We are busy with a cost saving exercise on one of our design. Part of the change is moving from a dual AD640 log amp set to a single AD8310.

    The AD8310 gives a RSSI slope variations of 23.8 mV/dB at 10 MHz to ~ 22.8 mV/dB at 400 MHz (Figure…

  • RE: AD539

    Good morning Martin,

    For devices outside my sphere of responsibility I use product-searches, ours if I think we might make the widget I'm looking for. In this instance I was successful and can direct you to the link below, but bear in mind I don't cover…