• RE: AD637 convergence problem on Orcad pspsice

    Hello Harryh


    Thank you for your reply.

    I’ve attached my simply project, with AD637 library

    The value of GMIN was imposed as suggested in a comment on ad637.cir

    • Use .OPTIONS GMIN=5E-17 for best output accuracy


    I’m not an pspsice expert

  • about the Input dynamic range of AD637

    I will get the RMS value of the signal as below with AD637.

    But I doubt that the long time duration of the small voltage level would be increase the error of the RMS value.

    So, I want to know it's a correct choice for AD637 in my design.

  • Is AD637 dB calibration without buffer possible ?

    In the AD637 data sheet Rev.L p18 fig.20 the circuit to set the reference dB = 0 point uses the AD637 integrated buffer and two external op-amps, one of which is obsolete. In any case this seems to be over-complex just to level shift a dc voltage.

  • AD637 max output current

    Anyone have an idea of the max output current on the AD637. The datasheet shows a min output current but nothing for the max. Thanks

  • RE: 有奖答题最后一波——半个世纪的成就,请您见证!



    Hello friends.
    I need an IC RMS TO DC CONVERTER with some features that I can not see clearly in the datasheets (AD637, AD536, AD637 for example).
    . Input signal:
    - Not more than 1 vrms
    - Various waveforms
    - Up to 1MHZ is more than enough
    - Best possible accuracy…

  • RE: The responce of AD637 when the large signal is came

    Hello Jstaley,

    I just enclosed my schematics.

    Pls refer to my attahced.

    "+" pole of 100uF capacitor is put on RMSOUT-pin. So no prolem.

    We put 2 AD637s that are different value CAV capacitors 100uF and 0.1uF.

    Is this no problem?

    2 AD637s…

  • RE: What is the best RMS-to-DC converter for 100-500 kHz range?

    Thanks for detailed reply! I have some more questions:

    1. Could you please clarify, what does the "additional error" , shown in figure 15 of the AD637 datasheet, mean? Is that total error which is combination of dc offset and double-frequency ripple…