• RE: AD637 convergence problem on Orcad pspsice

    Hello Harryh


    Thank you for your reply.

    I’ve attached my simply project, with AD637 library

    The value of GMIN was imposed as suggested in a comment on ad637.cir

    • Use .OPTIONS GMIN=5E-17 for best output accuracy


    I’m not an pspsice expert

  • Is AD637 dB calibration without buffer possible ?

    In the AD637 data sheet Rev.L p18 fig.20 the circuit to set the reference dB = 0 point uses the AD637 integrated buffer and two external op-amps, one of which is obsolete. In any case this seems to be over-complex just to level shift a dc voltage.

  • RE: 有奖答题最后一波——半个世纪的成就,请您见证!


  • AD637 max output current

    Anyone have an idea of the max output current on the AD637. The datasheet shows a min output current but nothing for the max. Thanks


    Hello friends.
    I need an IC RMS TO DC CONVERTER with some features that I can not see clearly in the datasheets (AD637, AD536, AD637 for example).
    . Input signal:
    - Not more than 1 vrms
    - Various waveforms
    - Up to 1MHZ is more than enough
    - Best possible accuracy…

  • AD637: Pin layout

    The AD637 surface mount package (R) has 2 more pins than the DIP
    (D) and (Q) Packages. Unfortunately the data sheet does not indicate
    where the Power Supply pins are on the surface mount package.
    On the DIP packages -Vs is on pin 10 an…
  • RE: The responce of AD637 when the large signal is came

    Hello Jstaley,

    I just enclosed my schematics.

    Pls refer to my attahced.

    "+" pole of 100uF capacitor is put on RMSOUT-pin. So no prolem.

    We put 2 AD637s that are different value CAV capacitors 100uF and 0.1uF.

    Is this no problem?

    2 AD637s…

  • RE: What is the best RMS-to-DC converter for 100-500 kHz range?

    Thanks for detailed reply! I have some more questions:

    1. Could you please clarify, what does the "additional error" , shown in figure 15 of the AD637 datasheet, mean? Is that total error which is combination of dc offset and double-frequency ripple…

  • AD637 均方根统计的时间

    .如果要更改AD637 均方根统计的时间是更改Cav的值吗?Datasheet上说明的好像是25ms/UF,需要统计信号频率不超过700Hz。