• AD633: input coupling

    I have connected AD9850 and AD633 like in the attached diagram. AD9850 outputs
    0-1000mV sine wave, and a 0.1uF capacitor is placed between AD9850 and AD633.
    The AD633 is powered by +-5V, and the 2nd pin is connected to GND. I found:
  • AD633: Asymmetric supplies

    I would like to know whether it is possible to use a AD633 analog multiplier
    with unbalanced supplies eg +24v,-5v or +12v,-5v

    Alternatively can you recommend a way to calculate a square of a voltage in a
    single supply circuit or one…
  • AD633 Vos drift over temperature

    What is the figure for the offset voltage drift of AD633?
    We have found such parameter shown in AD632 as below.
    Would you kindly offer this parameter to us if it is convenient.


    We performed some temperature measurements to determine the Vos drift…

  • AD633: Operates with unsymmetrical power supply

    The transfer funciton with +-15V power supply is W=(x*Y)/10 +Z - Is the
    transfer function unaffected when operating with +-8V power supply ? e.g X=3V,
    Y=3V resulting in W=0.9V.  What happens if the device is operated with
  • AD633 output offset voltage


     I am FAE in Japanese distributor.

    Our customer produces his product using AD633.

    He is calibrating AD633 at Vs+=15V, Vs-=-15V, X1=0V, X2=0V, Y1=2.5V, Y2=0V.

    After the calibration, he test AD633 the condition is followings.

    Vs+=15V, Vs-=-15V, X1=0.2Vsinusoid…

  • AD633 , higher orders ?

    Hi all, I wanted to use either dy/dx or the double angle formula to add overtones to an audio signal ( specifically with advancing the slew rate in a manner proportional to frequency, not limited by an RC constant).  The AD633 looks great, and even will…

  • AD633 offset and supply


    I need some help with my circuit. 2 sine waves are generated with 2 AD9833's, then are amplifier and filtered with 2 1st order low pass filters, and then connected to the AD633. As the sine wave have about 200 mV offset, I'm using 2 coupling capacitors…

  • AD633与AD734能否兼容


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